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  1. Heyyo whats up? i'm Lizzie my kik account is TheSavageSage_Girl and my ps3 account is Abdul919 go ahead and add meh! i love reading yaoi but i'm not really into normal romance and i kinda hate yuri. I do like reading Fantasy, Magic, Psychology etc without romance tho. I have a Youtube channel but its not very good and thats it? i hope to make lots of friends! :3 but i hope to find some friends that are interested in yaoi

    1. KapteynG


      Heya~ I suggest you post this in the Introduce Yourself instead of posting this as a status.

      Also... You'll find more friends in our Discord server than the forum. Here's a link to our server: https://discord.gg/sVyxtdV


      Feel free to visit us there~ ^^

    2. XxLizzieChearaXx




      :crabokay: new at this and i'll visit