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  1. But there's no "P" in Hijaiya (Arabic Alphabet)... Well, that's for you to decide, I think. Also, I do use Discord, but I don't think I can be of use? I mean, I was just suggesting a little change in the translation. Arabic is already way out of my league, all I know was just some little bit of things. My knowledge of it is not only limited, it's scarce. Just like how you sister likes K-Pop so you know "Saranghaeyo" means "I love you", but limited only to that. Or like how you browse 9gag so you know Guten Morgen is Good Morning in Germany, but you yourself not really sure about that. But, nonetheless, thanks for the offer. I'll check the discord, and help if I can.
  2. Don't ask me. It's been, like,6 years since I part myself from those Arabic whatnot. All I know is that you wrote it wrong. Ah, but, I think you should use Aqro (Jussive tense of Ana). It's written Aqra, but you read it Aqro. Abu here is a name that given to you after your first son ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunya_(Arabic) ), so I don't know why a City was named as Abu Aqro. Though, if we following that pattern, Aqro here is a name, and you name your child with a Jussive Tense.
  3. Wow. It's been a long time since I've seen a manga with Middle East background. For Trivia though, Abu Aqro means Father of Books/Father of Reading. Not Akr, Aqro (or maybe Aquro?). Arabic's grammar is way stricter than English'. Different Arabic alphabets have different pronunciations, that is either with the lower throat, the middle throat, the upper throat, nasal, jaw (?) (How do you call that place right at the tongue's base again?), tongue, etc. And of course, with they go different meanings. If my memory serves me right, Akr/Karo'a/Yakri'u means (to) promise, while Aqro/Quro'a/Yaqro'u means (to) read. In a more simple way to understand, Qur'an was derived from Quro'a, meaning "Something to read/learn of". Just like my name. Not Fakri, it's Fakhri. Fakri means poor, beggarly, indigent. While Fakhri means Our pride/Our boastful (son). Now consider how different is that. And my feelings when they call me beggar the whole year around...