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  1. 4th because, i'm the 4th child in my family, and at the time i was still with my 4th GF, and oh I really like the 4th Hokage (Minato Namikaze). And blade, well i'm a fan of samurais.
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    Proofreader Application

    1. My native language is Cebuano/Bisaya and Tagalog (Philippines) 2. It's really my first time, I wish to learn a few things about manga scanlations and I would like to try my best with the position i'm applying for. My manga interests are Slice of Life, Sports related, Romance, Mainstream battle mangas, and comedy, i've been into some supernatural mangas too. I found the group because of (not sure if i'm allowed to mention a member here) @KapteynG. And no, i have never tried translating/scanlating ever. 3.I can't promise i'll be able to work more than 4 hours in a week. I can insert on weekdays at times but it will really depend on my job here.
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    Hello! :D

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    Hello! :D

    Name: It's a secret *wink Username: 4thBlade Nickname: 4th, Fourth, Blade, 4thBruh A little bit of myself: Hi guys! I'm new here and i was invited by @KapteynG and I'm really excited to be a part of this forum and hopefully become a proofreader. I've been more of a manga reader than an anime viewer/watcher so i think i'll get along with you guys here I played guitar and a bit of drums before, I'm a Civil Engineer and uhh.. i like to sleep. That's pretty much about myself, you can ask me specific questions if you'd like.. just not my address please. xoxo