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  1. the droid I did myself. sourcalpis is what the latest batch turned out to be. Sour calpis. Still good, but a bit sour. Great for mixing with Shōchū!
  2. sourcalpis

    Best food anime

    So what is your favourite show when it comes to food?
  3. sourcalpis


    Yup, this is one I usually rewatch a lot. Though other KyoAni productions are great. K-ON and especially Hyouka are all time favs for me.
  4. Really happy to find this place so I can catch up on Addicted to Curry. Many thanks!
  5. sourcalpis! Yeah, avid manga reader from scandinavia. And I tend to sketch & draw a bunch when I'm not pushing geometry through some 3D application... cheers, sourcalpis
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