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  1. patschgo

    Reckoing [Reader and Download]

  2. patschgo

    Reckoing [Reader and Download]

    when are the downloads for chapter 13 and 14 available?
  3. patschgo

    Are you male or female?

    More females than males, just like real life.
  4. patschgo

    Movie Night

    Barry, Lincon, Snowden, Whiplash, The Theory of Everything, Swiss Army Man, Hugo, The Revenant, The Walk, Demolition, Das Perfume, American Sniper, 50/50, Der seltsame Fall des Benjamin Button, Der Medicus, Hacksaw Ridge, Ohne Limit, Thirteen Days, 127 Hours, Into The Wild, Buried, The King's Speech, Unbroken, 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain Here are some good movies.
  5. patschgo

    I am happy today because...

    I'm happy today, because... I had fun.
  6. patschgo

    Music ♫

    I lisen to musicals some times, like Hamilton and Heathers...
  7. patschgo

    A new Game!!

    So she had to move somewhere else...
  8. patschgo


    Just do what you want in life (if it's nothing bad).
  9. patschgo

    Introducing :)

    Hi, I am patschgo I like to read mangas. Thats why I am here.