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  1. I used to write fanfictions here and there, they're still about under my real name out there somewhere. Haven't touched in forever, but in looking through the threads, one thing usually is my suggestion - read your favorite writer out loud, then read your own writing out loud and see what's the difference.
  2. DigitMZ

    Samurai Manga

    Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue is a pretty dang good one, but I see that's on your list already. A bit surprised Rurouni Kenshin wasn't brought up. Shoujo-wise, there's Kaze Hikaru.
  3. Manga of the moment: Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To. Comics: Batman (mostly due to Kite-Man at the moment. Tom King's an incredible writer... check out his Mr. Miracle too)
  4. I've been reading Addicted to Curry ever since way back when it started and was done by Solaris... geez, that was over a decade ago. Just pretty pleased you picked it up, thank you very much. Also glad to see you have picked it up. Read it immediately I saw it. Thanks.
  5. Popped in after 'Addicted to Curry' showed up here... worked on various manga as a PR, as Digit and as DigitMZ... primarily a fan of Adachi manga. (Managed to drag 'Touch' over the finish line a while ago). Pleased to meetcha!
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