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      [MUST READ] Welcome to LOLScans! [CLICK ME!]   11/13/2016

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      #1st Banner Contest - Nobunaga no Chef   05/20/2017

      #1st Banner Contest Commences! We are currently looking for new banners for our projects and the first project to make a banner change is Nobunaga no Chef! The deadline is TBA, don't worry... you will receive a 1 week notice before the deadline is set up! For more details on the said contest please refer to this link: Banner Contest officially opens (again =_=") We are currently too busy to even make changes on our current project banners. We would like to see new banners of our project moving around in our homepage. The first project we want the banner to be changed is Nobunaga no Chef! (NNC fans it's time to shine!) Here are the details and rules of the contest:  
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      #2nd Writing Contest - Adventure   05/20/2017

      #2nd Writing Contest is now published and ongoing! Click and read for more information on the contest here: Deadline will be announced 1 week prior so no need to fret about it. c:  
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      #5th Art Contest - Country   05/26/2017

      5fth Art Contest Commences! Refer to this link to know more about the details: Deadline for entry: TBA


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  1. Welcome Literate Beings!

    I used to write fanfictions here and there, they're still about under my real name out there somewhere. Haven't touched in forever, but in looking through the threads, one thing usually is my suggestion - read your favorite writer out loud, then read your own writing out loud and see what's the difference.
  2. Samurai Manga

    Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue is a pretty dang good one, but I see that's on your list already. A bit surprised Rurouni Kenshin wasn't brought up. Shoujo-wise, there's Kaze Hikaru.
  3. Your Books/comics or/and Manga of the moment!

    Manga of the moment: Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To. Comics: Batman (mostly due to Kite-Man at the moment. Tom King's an incredible writer... check out his Mr. Miracle too)
  4. Addicted to Curry Chapter Discussion

    I've been reading Addicted to Curry ever since way back when it started and was done by Solaris... geez, that was over a decade ago. Just pretty pleased you picked it up, thank you very much.
  5. HI! DigitMZ here...

    Popped in after 'Addicted to Curry' showed up here... worked on various manga as a PR, as Digit and as DigitMZ... primarily a fan of Adachi manga. (Managed to drag 'Touch' over the finish line a while ago). Pleased to meetcha!