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  1. Me too! That's why i think i'll just spoil myself through reading it's manga
  2. oh.. umm Yaoi.. or any doujinshis will do.. eheheheh.. and uhh.. it would be best if it has cosplaying, bdsm, and bondage hehehhe
  3. Hello! My name's Ruth M. Pabilario, a fujoshi (certified XD) from Philippines, Grade 10 student and hehehe, when I was reading Prince of Prince I saw that your recruiting and the truth is it's my first time applying for any scanlation groups because I don't have that you know so-called 'guts' so I decided to give it a try and I hope you'll consider me *bows*
  4. Any manga recommendations having that kind of genre? TT.TT I badly need it.. EXCEPT bara hehehehe i'm not criticizing but .. you know.. my eyes, heart, body and mind's still not yet ready for that stuff
  5. But, nonetheless, he cried because he was weak. He almost ... because of so much ...
  6. Name/Username: ruthyfujoshi_03 desu Nickname: ruth ... eh? A little about yourself: 1. FUJOSHI! (yaoi!! *pant* *pant*) 2. Green Queen TT.TT... ... ... *grins* 3. Avada Kedavra! (I'mma Potterhead too!) is this o'right?
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