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  1. ruthyfujoshi_03

    shingeki no kyojin season 2?

    Me too! That's why i think i'll just spoil myself through reading it's manga
  2. ruthyfujoshi_03

    Let's Make a Story, 3 Words at a Time!

    a creepy castle...
  3. ruthyfujoshi_03

    TT.TT Suggestions/Recommendations

    oh.. umm Yaoi.. or any doujinshis will do.. eheheheh.. and uhh.. it would be best if it has cosplaying, bdsm, and bondage hehehhe
  4. ruthyfujoshi_03

    Typesetter Application

    Hello! My name's Ruth M. Pabilario, a fujoshi (certified XD) from Philippines, Grade 10 student and hehehe, when I was reading Prince of Prince I saw that your recruiting and the truth is it's my first time applying for any scanlation groups because I don't have that you know so-called 'guts' so I decided to give it a try and I hope you'll consider me *bows*
  5. ruthyfujoshi_03

    TT.TT Suggestions/Recommendations

    Any manga recommendations having that kind of genre? TT.TT I badly need it.. EXCEPT bara hehehehe i'm not criticizing but .. you know.. my eyes, heart, body and mind's still not yet ready for that stuff
  6. ruthyfujoshi_03

    Missing Word Game

    But, nonetheless, he cried because he was weak. He almost ... because of so much ...
  7. Name/Username: ruthyfujoshi_03 desu Nickname: ruth ... eh? A little about yourself: 1. FUJOSHI! (yaoi!! *pant* *pant*) 2. Green Queen TT.TT... ... ... *grins* 3. Avada Kedavra! (I'mma Potterhead too!) is this o'right?