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  1. I am going to join the writing contest.

    I will be making up a random story for no reason.

    Plot will be dumb and charactar progression will be non-existent.

    But that 0.4 sec chuckle will be worth it!


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  2. 2 hours ago, YoruNoTsuki said:

    aaah this dream... to not have to go to univ or/and work, to have ALL day long and weeks, months, years to read, eat,sleep, and have fun with friends and read, read, all we want, when we want, like we want..( with who we want? and what we want x)) 


    I found this funny since I am never going to college or uni.

    I am going to finish highschool and leave to an asian country.

    There I will work as an English teacher.


    If you are interested here: https://www.tesol.org/


    If you pass those tests and exams, you get a certificate for English teaching.

    Hope I helped a bit! 

    Also, Japanese English teachers earn 33USD and in Taiwan (where I'm going) they earn around 20USD.

    So my future is set. Hope I don't have many obstacles.


  3. That's interesting!

    So in a nuttshell my name..

    When I was 11 years old I was into gangster rap and dogs were kinda my favorite animals.

    Thus "Gangd0g" since no one ever used it before.

    Then I saw doge memes.. and it became "Gangd0ge"

    My first avatar was  from the anime Shiba Inu-san.

    And because is a Shiba and that anime looks so silly I used it.

    Eventually, because I am so interested in history I added some political spice to it.


    So I got a Nazi flag and a soviet flag.

    Cleaned the swastika of the Nazi flag, then cenered my doge in the middle.

    Then I added the hammer and sickel in the top left.


    Resources used:





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  4. On 20-12-2016 at 7:57 AM, DaughterOfHel said:


    Well actually I do not play videogames 🙈 But I read alot about the deathcults and what's more appealing than the knowledge that all the 'bad people' will be eaten, pooped out and reeaten by an enormous dragon?



    Ah the cults...

    Pagans in a nuttshell. lol

    Saw a scene where some vikings were sacrificing their own friends and brethren because they had different believes.



    My sincere apologies for welcoming you so late!


    You seem like a lively person.

    Good, we need more active people :admire-onion-head-emoticon:


    Majority here were/are weebs so you can always talk about anime/manga on here!

    I don't know about any Pokemon fans... so, you better hunt for them. :llama_emoji_18__eating_ramen___v1__by_jerikuto-d6uf4ko:

    What's your favorite anime/manga btw? 




    PS: No fascism.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor no fascism


  6. Welcome to the society, comrade.

    The global moderaters you will get the know, since they're the social ones and responsible for social media and keeping our "fans" entertained.

    As long you're not fascist, you will like it here.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor communist propaganda

  7. 27 minutes ago, undecided_name said:


    That's where the problem lies: I have no will to will the laziness away :silence-onion-head-emoticon:  

                  (though I do really, really want to join and help you all)

    Sure... if I can come out alive from this hellish exam week...



    That... sounds like a lot of shitty to be handled of. Even though the place sounds like a tourism magnet...

    If it's fine, what language do you speak there?

    We got our problems like every country does xD


    We speak 3 languages:




    I primarily speak Dutch though

  8. On 2-12-2016 at 5:09 AM, undecided_name said:

    he~ yeah, I think it would be interesting to learn and see its culture, food, place, and meet new people! though I'm so awkward when meeting new people in reality...

    Then, how's Belgium? I checked a little and the place sounds (and looks) really interesting :D


    lol I can sleep peacefully then~


    I can relate... it's just like 'WRITER'S BLOCK NO', '?????', 'GRAMMAR NAZI MODE ON', etc.

    writers, man. I have so much respect for writers and authors of any kind.


    Maybe we can start a bad-time management company together???  :llama_emoji_01__laughing___v1__by_jerikuto-d6t88s3:


    ummmmm I want to... but I have 99 problems and all of them is disability to manage time :head-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

    Meh, living here is a pain.

    Pretty high tax, shitty government, lot's of terrorists... lool

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