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  1. Previous post: "I wish I was a better." 

    Me: "You get your wish! You saved a family from drowning! After a boat started sinking. You throw 3 lifebelts which saved a mom, dad and baby! But you were too incompotent to throw the other lifebelts further than 10m, you wasted so much time that you could've used to call for help. You now witnessed the deaths of 89 tourists. 13 of which were babies. It was 2am and you were tired, so you simply left the scene. Unfortunate for you, cameras caught everything on tape, this evidence is used against you.

    The authorities claim you're responsible for their deaths and you will spend 10 years in jail."


    My wish: "Unify Europe under a Nationalist Socialist state, being the only nation to invade Russia successfully and exterminate terrorism in the Middle-East."


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