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  1. Welcome!

    Hope you enjoy your stay and make a lot of friends.

    I personally am not that much of a weeb...

    So, you've probably watched the one's I recommend.

    Anyways, I recommed to everyone; Fate/Zero and Clannad.


    As for you being Japanese...



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  2. 1f9b8634c42de03d8cbd04cf090d44bf.png

    Verenigt Nederlands Rijk

    Translated: United Dutch Empire


    So, here's what I got.

    The background flag represents the united Netherlands.

    All Dutch speaking people under one nation, the cross and the circle are in Black and Yellow, representing the people of Flanders.

    The Eagle and Fascesses represent fascism.

    As this Empire is a fascist state.

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  3. New flag contest Commences! Read the rules before you ask questions.

    Theme: Countries



    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor British caliphate


    • You are free to make any flag.
    • A fictional one or an alternative to a flag that already exists.
    • The flag has to represent a country, you have to post the meaning behind your flag, (symbols like the half moon representing islam) the colours (red standing for courage) and also the name of your country.
    • You don't have to be politically correct. 

    I hope to see some nice flag desings, hope you guys come up with something original.





    • Your entry will also be published in our "Hall of Fame" deviant art account and will be up there for eternity [unless deviantart surprisingly closes down... ._.].
    • You will also receive a forum badge, so that everyone in the forum knows that you are a winner! \o/
    • A new usergroup and color: Connoisseur




  4. Previous post: "I wish I pass my upcoming exam with high marks."



    You score everything right on your upcomming exam.

    But you had a 0 on all other upcomming exams and the ones you've done already.

    You fail the year and have to redo it.


    My wish: "I wish I had an immortal, obedient pet T-rex."


  5. 2 hours ago, sasxxitaga said:

    Oh I am so sorry! I didn't know. :/

    This will be my last post on this thread.

    Apologies once again! _/\_

    Nah, no reason to.

    Happens a lot on introduction threads.

    But we'd like more members on discord since no one is really using it so far.

  6. Just now, sasxxitaga said:

    So I didn't manage to copy you? :bad-atmosphere-onion-head-emoticon:

    I already see a friend in your display picture hehehehe sorry bad joke. _/\_

    You don't want to copy me unless you're a rutheless dictator. :uhuhuh-onion-head-emoticon:


    And ikr, isn't she glorious?!

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