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  1. 20 hours ago, MnM618 said:

    Thank you!!

    I speak a few and I'm learning a few! English, French, Chinese (cantonese) and currently learning Spanish and Bengali. 

    And yes, I will join for sure!

    Oh Chinese would be very useful to us!

    Now you have to join.

    No way back!

  2. Welcome Fatima,


    Hope you have a lovely stay and get to read all you want.

    Mhm, assuming that you can speak Somalian, are you Somalian?


    Anyway, please try to keep your sentenced as serious as possible.

    Since this is one of your first posts, we'll let it go.

    But I will take action once the "KAAAAAGGGGEEEEEYYYAAAAMMMMAAAAAASDFDGFJHKKJL" becomes out of control.




  3. 7 hours ago, winter_green said:

    thats fine ;) thankyou!

    Never heard of those....I have a feeling I'm going to get addicted quickly

    Home is where the heart is haha

    South of globe my friend. I'm guessing most of you live in the north 

    Glad to be of service. I'll have a good time I hope :crabokay: 

    They're free on steam.

    Both games are excellent.


    You should check out some gameplay and see if you're interested.


    South of the Globe... I'm going to guess you're either from Africa or South-America?

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