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  1. Welcome Regnumaz To ask us anything directly, please join our Discord.
  2. Dr. Sun


    Welcome to the cool kids club, newling.
  3. Welcome new fish, may yo uahve a great time.
  4. Hi there. Great to hear you're interested in helping us!
  5. Hi there, Welcome. Hope you'll have a lovely time.
  6. May your roads lead you to warm sands. Welcome.
  7. Hi there Cilana, Hope you'll enjoy your stay.
  8. Hello, welcome. Sorry for the late welcome.
  9. You play a lot of Counter Strike it seems. 1.6, no less. I've put way too many hours into Global offensive. I now hate the game. I stick to Strategy and RPG for now when it comes to games: Medieval II Total War, Fallout NV/3, Civilization 5, mount and blade. Some of the games I currently still play.
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