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    fruit basket

    Actually, fruits basket was one my first mangas as well. I still re-read it sometimes. I really love that manga. I watched the anime too, and I agree, it didn't go into detail. But I still liked it.
  2. My name comes from the manhwa, Black Haze. I love magicians, and the MC's awakened name in English is Blow, but in the Korean version, it's Beullou (I like that version better). Black Haze is my life, and I read it religiously. So I just made it my Pseudonym.
  3. uwaa, it's been so long since I've read this, because everybody kept on translating and then dropping after a few weeks, so I just stopped reading it. Literally forgot everything, so I have to read it again, sob ;-; but thank you guys for taking it up, I really appreciate it.
  4. Beullou

    Missing Word Game

    He wanted to die because of everyone's ridiculing. But, nonetheless, he ... because he was ...
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