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  1. Chapters 17 & 17.5 links lead to Chapter 16's download ><
  2. jayniel

    Samurai Manga

    Any good samurai manga recommendations? Preferably not those for young kids but mature audience. I enjoyed Blade of the Immortal the most, next is Vagabond. As these are either completed/on hiatus, I'm looking for some others within the genre. Thanks~
  3. Really? I should check it out
  4. jayniel

    Bungou Stray Dogs

    I love this anime as well because of Dazai-san
  5. jayniel

    Romance Shojos

    If you like Devils Line I think you'll like Vampere Knight. Vampire, romance and drama, there's nothing better than this manga in this genre.
  6. jayniel

    Devils Line

    Love this manga! Heard that an anime adaptation is in the works, can't wait~
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