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  1. thank you two @HannahKim ok, I will try recommend something soon
  2. I think the same! Everyone should read it!
  3. Hi! My real name is secret but I had anicknames - Alice, Ayna, PotworekAlice, Luke and Emma. But the most popular is Alice I'm 18 I love read manga (and manhwa , webtoon etc...) I aslo like watch anime. I make a lot of amv/mmv on my channel in youtube (but many I still don't send) I read about 3000 manga (my list with title gone but I try do it again ) and watch 300 anime. Ok, I think it all Nice to meet you!
  4. I seen that webtoon in my language but there were little chapters So I will probably read your translation
  5. Serious I really want to thank you because while ago I thought that webtoon will be on hold (I read something that Naver not allowed to translate into english) and I almost cried because in my language Crepu is not longer translated for 2 years I love you so much! Crepuscule is my FAVOURITE webtoon and I really happy that I can read this in a language that I understand (ok, not all but most ) Please continue transtation for us, the big fans forever! PS Sorry for my bad english but I hope that you understand it
  6. This very funny webtoon, thanks for translation PS RIP her hair in chapter 9
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