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  1. surge

    Hi everybody

    From the Watchman to all the children he cherishes
  2. surge

    B&W Cleaner Application

    Good day, we will look into it...
  3. surge

    Hi, I'm new

    Greetings, Welcome to Lolscans. I guess, you have sent your application, we will look into ot and get back to you as soon as possible. Yes, if you are willing to learn then we are indeed willing to teach. Good luck with the test...
  4. surge

    Hello peeps~

    You are Gotiyas...
  5. surge


    Hello Welcome to Lolscans. Yeah this forum is only for occasional use since we started using discord. 😀 Btw Good luck with your series, just don't try to use this platform for recruitment. 😁
  6. surge


    Hello Welcome to Lolscans. Yeah this forum is only for occasional use since we started using discord. 😀
  7. surge

    Quality Checker Application

    Nice...taking matters in your own hand
  8. Meme review 👏👏

  9. surge


    Welcome and thank you for helping us with the releases...
  10. Why do people like pineapples on pizza?

  11. LR is pretty good but LR has a fixed schedule which is bound to change, could be sooner or later.
  12. surge

    Cat Lovers

    See a year has passed
  13. surge

    Typesetter Application

    Howdy pardner, you mentioned Yaoi, I see. No worries, I have never tried Yaoi myself, had some Shounen ai and they were good. WELCOME TO LOLSCANS *inserts firecracker and party poppers* Feel free to apply at - https://forum.lolscans.com/index.php?/forum/56-how-to-apply/
  14. surge

    New person

    Yes...You are always welcome to join Lolscans
  15. surge

    Music ♫

    Nowadays, I usually listen to Bach or Schubert...Both are very soothing
  16. surge

    Ending letter game!

  17. surge

    Hiyo. ^-^

    Hello and Welcome to purgatory where souls are made to linger to eternity...😱
  18. Somebody save me for I am losing my mind

  19. surge

    Mayly's Art Dumps

    It's so good 🤩
  20. surge

    Crepuscule Chapter Discussion

    Ch 58 is up and running YEAHHHHH!!!!!!
  21. surge


    I liked myself as a baby but other babies teased me so now as I grew up, I feel I must reciprocate it to other babies...Hahahah PS - Do not take it seriously, I will never harm a baby. Just a joke. The above stunt must be performed by an expert which you are not so don't try with anywhere.
  22. surge


    You know like when you are just walking down the street and a novel pops up and asks you to read it and thus it becomes a random novel. Don't ask me what I have written...I am sleep deprived and trying to remove common sense from common sense.
  23. surge

    Baka's polls

    I mean, manga updates is quite popular, however I don't think their poll is as popular as the actual use of the site.
  24. surge

    what continent shall win?

    Asia and North America is at each other's throat. I vote for Asia.