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  1. Why do people like pineapples on pizza?

  2. LR is pretty good but LR has a fixed schedule which is bound to change, could be sooner or later.
  3. surge

    Cat Lovers

    See a year has passed
  4. surge

    Typesetter Application

    Howdy pardner, you mentioned Yaoi, I see. No worries, I have never tried Yaoi myself, had some Shounen ai and they were good. WELCOME TO LOLSCANS *inserts firecracker and party poppers* Feel free to apply at - https://forum.lolscans.com/index.php?/forum/56-how-to-apply/
  5. surge

    New person

    Yes...You are always welcome to join Lolscans
  6. surge

    Music ♫

    Nowadays, I usually listen to Bach or Schubert...Both are very soothing
  7. surge

    Ending letter game!

  8. surge

    Hiyo. ^-^

    Hello and Welcome to purgatory where souls are made to linger to eternity...😱
  9. Somebody save me for I am losing my mind

  10. surge

    Mayly's Art Dumps

    It's so good 🤩
  11. surge

    Crepuscule Chapter Discussion

    Ch 58 is up and running YEAHHHHH!!!!!!
  12. surge


    I liked myself as a baby but other babies teased me so now as I grew up, I feel I must reciprocate it to other babies...Hahahah PS - Do not take it seriously, I will never harm a baby. Just a joke. The above stunt must be performed by an expert which you are not so don't try with anywhere.
  13. surge


    You know like when you are just walking down the street and a novel pops up and asks you to read it and thus it becomes a random novel. Don't ask me what I have written...I am sleep deprived and trying to remove common sense from common sense.
  14. surge

    Baka's polls

    I mean, manga updates is quite popular, however I don't think their poll is as popular as the actual use of the site.
  15. surge

    what continent shall win?

    Asia and North America is at each other's throat. I vote for Asia.
  16. surge

    Eye Color

    We live in a world where eye colour can be changed through lenses. I saw my friend wearing blue contact lenses and he wears them to become cool. Becoming cool by wearing a fake lens, there are somethings which I will never understand.
  17. surge

    Do you like rain?

    I like rain
  18. surge

    Are you male or female?

    Traps...All of them are traps...Beware of them all PS - I am not a trap but a creature who is designated the gender male
  19. surge

    Random Stories And Songs

    I don't understand humans For I am no longer human This is just a song So don't throw away your taunts Watch your mouth kid For I will throw a fit Getting to know their shit I don't understand them a bit Wandering in the dark I saw something shine Oh wait, it's a question mark I ate it to make it mine This is the way my song ends This is the way I form friends Not with a human But a reflection of one. PS - Needs more crippling depression
  20. surge

    A new Game!!

    to her neighbor bob's home which was just around the corner...
  21. surge

    Let's Make a Story, 3 Words at a Time!

    the corpse burns...
  22. surge

    evil genie game

    Wish: become top student in everything, then start my own company that makes me more bucks than google can even dream of. Your wish is granted. You become number one in everything and then open up your own company which makes more money than Google but you become a workaholic, while others have a social life, a relationship or a family, you keep working overnight after overnight to make more money than Google. You finally become lonely and are only praised for what you have achieved. Times goes by and we see Google losing money, as google loses money so do you since your money is complementary to Google's money and ultimately Google goes bankrupt and dies and so your company is left with 1$ which is more money than Google can ever imagine since it no longer exists. My wish: "To switch my personality and abilities with another person whenever I want to"
  23. surge

    Type your username with your elbow [CHALLENGE]

    surbge Even with a short name, I screwed up....Damn you elbows, you let me down
  24. surge

    One Letter at a Time

  25. surge

    Ending letter game!