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  1. thanks! where do i enter it when i am done?
  2. Im happy to be a cleaner for love revolution
  3. My favorite artist is JapanLover Me ^u^ my profile picture is one of their drawings
  4. AmaRinMayo

    Next Season!

    What anime are you looking forward to next season? I'm looking forward to Kakegurui!
  5. Anyone have any survival game mangas they can recommend? I prefer horror ones if that's ok so please recommend if you have any!
  6. Rules: Someone says A SINGLE word (a noun!) and the next person must say another word (Always a noun...) where the first letter is the last letter of the previous word! Eg. Person A: Elephant Person B: T-Rex Person A: Xylophone Person B: Egg And continues on so Starting word: Tree
  7. My god i love it! Still can't get over how cute Elvira is >3<
  8. I feel like i'm the only bird person. I prefer them over cats and dogs but it seems no one else does that I know. When people ask me 'Don't you think that dog is cute!?' my reply is always 'Not really..' to which they then go on a rant asking me why the hell i prefer birds.. YES THEY POOP A LOT BUT THEY ARE CUTE >3<
  9. umm so about me hey... well lets start with how i ended up here! Story: Once upon a time, i was reading a manga! Now i have read tons of manga! ... 364 to be exact... and i was just reading then i saw an advertisement asking for recruitment! Now after reading 364 manga's i have seen quite a few of these however i looked at it... and stared.... then looked and saw they were looking for typesetters and cleaners, So that's I ended up here! Name/Username: my username is as seen AmaRinMayo and people call me Ama! :3 it's not my actual name but rather my online name so i have its ok.. Nickname: I have quite a few... well lots! someone nicknames me Amazon... but just Ama A little about yourself: I'm a 14 year old aussie! ... :c hope that's not to young to be applying for being a cleaner and typesetter. I do have some background in photoshop to the point where i'm decently good at it! I also have a drawing tablet so i thought that might come in hang when cleaning!
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