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  1. bonsoir, hope you enjoy your stay~
  2. "Animal Crossing: New leaf", it's a great game, and it's all about making money from fishing... there's also interest, banking, financial managing... Great game.
  3. No one mentioned "Oliver!", I like that film, I'm 999 at heart!
  4. OKamii


    I think that's too heavy G! You just need to make the right friends... people online could leave any time init, is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get. In the real world; not being behind a screen, people will less likely talk crap about you, and it becomes a lot easier to form a true friendship. I have yet to know any online peeps to take the piss out of life walking around town? Since you will almost never meet the people that isn't IRL, it's better to make more IRL friends that you know and trust. Init. That;s my rant, it's almost impossible to make lasting friends online than it is IRL. life too hard, too bad can;t sleep all day/... too many worries...
  5. my friend drove me to london so that we could go together. Spent all my savings.... young me is dumb, is a money ditch for sho, a lot more fun going with friends than alone.
  6. A contest to improve our handwriting! So those of us who write like trash can rise up!
  7. Welcome to the team! Sorry for the late welcome on the forum, but may you stay long and prosper. iivi. I do archery too! You a recurve or... pleb?
  8. OKamii


    Hello there, welcome aboard the boat to reverie! May you never leave...
  9. OKamii


    OP?! Oh! I know two with great story... well, kind of... well... for me at least, I have been following these two a while after the english translation started. They are WN/LN, but I think they have their own manga adaptations too now... I think it was mentioned at some point. Anyways, they are Tensei shitara slime datta ken, about this guy that got killed, became a slime, and built his own country! It has a really good story, the character development and plot twists are great too, actually, I think this one is having its own anime this year, and I can;t wait. The other one is Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, it's about this guy whose family had a contract with another world, was then stolen to said other world, then was thrown into the wastelands, then he worked his way up. His luck is on the bad side, and quite extremely so at that. This then creates a lot of interesting turn of events, and right now, I am deeply in love with it. However, the translator is rather new to english, so it might sound off here and there, so you might need to form your own sentences... but it's still a good read!
  10. The manga has already finished, but I did find myself enjoying it. It's slice of life, so it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you enjoyed the series of nisekoi, and yamada and the seven witches, you might also enjoy this one too.
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