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  1. Waiting for the update on the regular favorite to come through and liked the picture for Devil's Line. Thought it would be a thriller, and I suppose it is in a way. It's really caught me though. I like the characters and story line is interesting. Trying to ration it so I don't finish too quickly.
  2. One of my favorites on the site. Going through withdrawal symptoms at the moment.
  3. Is this supposed to be a hologram - where you start seeing things in 3D? Somehow I can see it like that, but I don't know whether its intentional. Is it only me?
  4. Thanks, will follow up on these.
  5. I try and store up Skip Beat, but in the meantime I'm getting into Korean stuff - Tales of demons and gods, Nano, Unordinary
  6. Hi everyone. Glad to be here. What is the best series to read on the site?
  7. psysmith


    One of my all time favorites.
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