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  1. EDM songs helps me to sleep
  2. Boss where I can find the CL test?
  3. Ok I'll try but first can I sleep ? I've been watching since 11pm and now it's 6am in my country. Don't worry I won't forget Thanks boss
  4. Woaah.. I think I can Excel in Photoshop cause I like editing, but just I said I'm a frustrated artist anyways iam willing to learn anything. And btw I hate ninjas but I like Naruto Just wanna make some good things in my life ~
  5. Honestly i don't know, I'm just new here. Would you decide for me boss
  6. Actually Iam hyper so iam active ahhhaan. Yeaaah thanks for the warm welcome boss
  7. Hi! Iam peter pan from wonderland I like to watch anime and also I like to read manga. Anyways I'm a frustrated artist 😂 I mean I like art but art doesn't like me it's like one sided love ahaahaha. Hey everyone let's be friends !!!
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