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  1. Well, cya guys and good luck.

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    2. SODI


      yeah I'm random like that. I usually do this with everything, weird it took this long for this, whole year, woah.

    3. BellaFerreira
    4. Marzia


      thanks for everything!!!

  2. SODI

    Bungou Stray Dogs

    They tend to end the season by introducing villain of the next.
  3. SODI

    evil genie game

    Previous post: " Unify Europe under a Nationalist socialist state, being the only nation to invade Russia successfully and exterminate terrorism in the Middle-East." Granted. Alas terrorist cells emerge all over Europe backed by US and pro-capitalist billionaires all over Europe. You are assassinated. Russians rebel. The whole state plunges into chaos. My wish: I wish for a Volcano.
  4. SODI


    Saitama +++ Mob psycho+++ Alucard+++ Drifters++ Berserk - Read manga, or only watch golden age ark. (wait how old are you? nvm) Code Geass?! PARASITE!!!! along the way MC gets ABS! +++ Overlord? Sengoku Musou Shakugan no Shana (MC is a wimp but becomes OP in 3rd seasons xD) Sidonia no Kishi Trigun + A Certain Magical Index + Psycho - Pass (first seasons has male OP MC I guess) +++ Katanagatari - OP Male MC ++ HIgashi no Eden (naked dude, no memory in front of the white house, he's gotta be OP!!! +++ Hataraku Maou - sama (great comedy, OP MC) +++ Fate/Zero (kiritsugu emiya my waifu) ++++ DImension W (MC is OP ish) ++ Darker than black +++ We might have different idea of what's OP, but all of these have something like that, have fun PS. number of + is how much I liked it/how much it fits
  5. I watched till after that it was unwatchable.
  6. No Antarctica Penguins will not stand for this!
  7. SODI

    Eye Color

    Reminds me of youtube video I watched. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98TQv5IAtY8
  8. Exam tomorrow, yet I'm here, thinking how to defeat US as Japan in WWII.

    1. Kimeru


      Just send them some geisha, poison their kanzashi, give them order to stab the commander in the neck.

  9. SODI

    Bungou Stray Dogs

    Finished first season. Haven't had time to start 2nd one
  10. nah, my eyes hurt after reading, never again
  11. LoL, I have read like 0.7 books in my lifetime. (not counting study material)
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