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    Hello, I'm Mion, a German student with a great interest in Manga and Manhwa. Nice to meet you
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    Our thai translator has something going on irl so releases has been paused until we hear from them again. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
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    My group name: Cuu Long Xu Team Link: http://cuu-long-xu-team.nhomdich.com
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    Wow, got it! Thank you guys for your hard work
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    I can finally take a breather right before my two weeks of finals, so I decided to finally introduce myself hahahaha Heyo, I'm Jemma (username: jemjam), and I'm a KTL on trial staff! I'm about to finish my second year of studying biochem with aspirations in forensics and immunology research. I play musical instruments to de-stress from the STEM major workload, and when I can spare the time which is never nowadays lmao I read manga/manhwa/webtoons and binge-watch anime ^^;; Hope we can get along~~
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    You will have to find another group to do this - or start your own. Currently at LOLScans we are understaffed, and cannot afford to take on a new project. No matter how small it is. I have not even been able to make a release for Zipang or Love Revolution for the past two weeks, taking on something else would probably mean dropping other projects entirely. I am flattered that you came to us. Good luck finding someone else! PS: I don't really care about the number of fans we may or may not gain from it, I do this for the love of the craft and of the group.
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    Just wanted to say hello and ask for any tips or pointers
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    @Marzia: hi marzia do u need the raw? i want to offer u the raw that i have... currently i have the raw for vol 5 - 6.. if u need u can contact me.. well i love the series so i bought it from application, but i just dont understand what they said hehe
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    1. My native language is English. 2. Well I always wanted to be a writer but I don’t have the creativity to do that. I think I’m pretty good with grammar, spelling and general proofreading knowledge, although my punctuation isn’t that good. My top picks for a manga genre would be romance, slice of life and comedy. I found the lolscans group by a manga called devils line. 3. I’m not sure if I will be able to work on a weekly agenda Due to school but I can still work at least four days a week. thank you for your time.
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    Country: Thailand. I've always wanted to try drawing a nice background! And the girl is wearing one of the thai traditional dress
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    Hi! I'm part of a spanish fansub "Until Dawn Translations" (fb), and I would like to ask if we can translate "Reckoning" c: This is the link: https://www.facebook.com/untildawntranslations/
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    thanks admin for translating and uploading this manga..
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    I'll just use the format instead to introduce myself, if you don't mind. (: Name/Username: Sally / NibbPower Nickname: duckyy, NP, shally, miku, derpy, yuuki, snow, sal, hiro, oppa (I know this is a guy term, i didn't like noona), harutora A little about yourself: I enjoy playing games, like legit PC gaming. I am attending college for Business although I'm an introvert O_O. I think some may know who I am though. Errr... I do not like to associate myself being called a "Weeaboo" because I just am not one. I mean, does it make me a cartoonaboo if I like cartoons? I just like what I like and I don't even remember the names for the most part. I just remember the art or design. I like making GFX, except it's just signature types mostly. I mean like banners or nothing that's actually made or design by my own. I have to use premade to make it, so I'm not actually talented.
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    Title: Reckoning ( 레코닝) Author and Artist: LEE Hye Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi Summary: -Soon- Releases: Prologue: Released CH000-010: Released Chapter 11: Released Chapter 12: Released Chapter 13: Released Chapter 14: Released We HIGHLY DISCOURAGE hosting our releases on readers we're not affiliated with, also only ADMINS are allowed to release our projects on other readers. Thank you for understanding!
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    I haven't done any GFX in awhile, so I'll just post my best ones only. I am extremely sorry if any of them seems very advertising with links and all. 2018 - ongoing 2017 2016
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    I have no idea how to use this website at all but heyy (。・ ◡ ・。)ノ My name's Mint and I'm your basic closet weeb. I like laughing at bad english dubs and I usually wait for the anime/manga to be completed first before I start it bc I'm not strong enough to handle the wait. ~(>_<~) I've always wanted to try translating so I'll try my best with my applications here with LOLScans and be of use somehow. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و Yeah...I'm bad at introducing myself and I'm very awkward (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) but I really look forward to talking with everyone. Nice to meet you all!! (≧◡≦)
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    Username: Datcrazyazn Nickname: Datcrazyazn Hello everyone! I'm datcrazyazn, Im really shy, even on the internet where know one knows me I'm currently a trial staff, working as a cleaner. I'm still in school so I wont be active a lot. I hope to get to know you all!
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    Can you please upload chapter 9 and 10 in Mediafire?
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    uwaa, it's been so long since I've read this, because everybody kept on translating and then dropping after a few weeks, so I just stopped reading it. Literally forgot everything, so I have to read it again, sob ;-; but thank you guys for taking it up, I really appreciate it.
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    Serious I really want to thank you because while ago I thought that webtoon will be on hold (I read something that Naver not allowed to translate into english) and I almost cried because in my language Crepu is not longer translated for 2 years I love you so much! Crepuscule is my FAVOURITE webtoon and I really happy that I can read this in a language that I understand (ok, not all but most ) Please continue transtation for us, the big fans forever! PS Sorry for my bad english but I hope that you understand it
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    I am really thankful to u guys for translating this T^T I was about to lose hope it will never be translated again ;-;
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    you worked hard ... many thanks
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    There are a few questions you'll have to answer, please include it in your e-mail application. 1. Why would you like to join LOLScans? (Tell us a bit about yourself; the kind of mangas you are interested in, how you found our group, and if you're in another scanlation group.) 2. Will you be able to keep a weekly agenda? 3. Email us your test: lolscanlation[at]gmail.com Instructions: 1- Never change the resolution. if 350 is the resolution it should still be 350 after you clean or if 72 should still be 72... etc... 2- Duplicate the raw layer if you need to change it. 3- Never merge the layers. 4- Be sure to remove all the text including sfx. Send in your application at lolscanlation@gmail.com Take the test: