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    Hello to all LOLstaff prospects! Before you apply you need to know a few information. 1. We are a group of volunteers, we don't do scanlation for money and we will keep it that way. No salary, it's not an online job. So, if you're applying because of such thoughts, even though as much as we want you to apply... I would highly suggest that you don't. 2. After getting in-terms with #1 and would still want to apply and join the fun of scanlation... please, make sure that you have an ftp client (Filezilla, FireFTP, WinSCP; there's a guide on how to use these clients in our staff forum, you'll gain complete access after becoming full staff. ) So that you can get access to "behind-the-scenes" of our projects. 3. To take the test, go to the specified sub-forum application position you wish to apply for. There, you'll see a download link for you, containing the test which is in .rar or .zip so make sure you can unzip .rar or .zip 4. After finishing the test, please e-mail it to [email protected] with the following title format: Username_[Position]_Country/Timezone ex: Marzia_QC_GMT+00 ; Marzia_QC_Antartica 5. Please be willing to join our group in discord: https://discord.me/lolscans or https://discord.gg/sNmGBa7 6. We have just migrated to discord and will be using it as our platform of communication! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Information: For Translators, Proofreaders, Cleaners, and Typesetters... experience is not required. We also welcome those who want to help even though it's their first time and have no clue about scanlation, we will be more than willing to teach and guide you! But first, please try the test provided, just indicate in your mail that you're applying as "Apprentice" so we can asses your situation. Q: How to apply if you're an experienced scanlator and do not wish to take the test? A: As of today until the unforeseeable future, taking our test will be mandatory. Providing links to published chapters you've worked on won't be accepted anymore. So, if you'd like to join us or wish to help us, please take the test. ^^ Important: To those who wish to apply for the Quality Checker position Quality Checkers applicants, if you wish to apply for this position, you'll have to take the tests from Proofreader-Cleaner-Typesetter; so you'll be attaching 3 separate tests in the e-mail application. Note that you may choose one between the colored/webtoon and B&W Cleaner test, or do both. ^^ *Note: After sending your application, please take note that it will take us 3 days at max to respond to you, so please be patient.. however, if after those days you still haven't gotten a response from us, please make a post in the thread of the position you are applying for. If you feel like your application has been neglected, join our discord server and poke a server admin in there. And lastly, our group is aiming for weekly releases as much as possible (though, we are failing miserably on this schedule due to real life), but we will never release low-quality scans. With all that said, happy-application and good luck!
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    Hello! Stay-at-home mom and proofreading extraordinaire with too much time on her hands…going to apply for a Proofreader position with this group! I have a little boy named Charlie, and he is expecting a baby sister named Ruby sometime in April. My favorite manga at the moment is Yona of the Dawn. I am a sucker for anything fantasy romance! I read a lot of fantasy novels, as well. I’m a huge music fan (Beatles for life!) and you can oftentimes find me crocheting and half-watching some random show on Netflix. I watch way too much YouTube and I eat out more times a week than I’d care to admit, but whatever. Life is good!
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    I'm applied for b&w cleaner/redrawer and it's been about 5-8 days since I sent the test, I don't care if I didn't get accepted but I'd at least like to get a response if anything happened, TY. *test is attached, if it's the wrong file i'll fix it*
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    Hello @Mauxa Welcome to the team and the community~. I hope you pass your trial and wish you luck. Make sure to take breaks after all this is only volunteering
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    Hello everyone My name is Wassim and I'm 16 year old. I live in Belgium and I love anime, I like mangas aswell, but I've read only 2 in my entire life. I applied to become a French translator, because why not ? English is not my first language, but I like the fact that I can improve my English this way. I don't know what else to say except I hope I'll do my 'job' good as translator. See you
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    And there's nothing you can do to stop me. Basically I wanted to show that you can do it in whatever style you want, but it would be nice if it was drawn like a manga. Anyway, since I can't draw, here's a non-drawn entry. FormerHeroWIP.psd
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    This is what you're getting if no one else enters, so please, help us FormerHeroWIP.psd
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    Information: This banner contest is for our new light novel project: Former Hero. Should you win this contest, your banner will feature on our reader (in the new releases section, and when you hover over a project's name on the main page) and on our homepage - which means that it will be the thumbnail on all of our releases for Former Hero, so it will end up wherever our project is shared (discord, reddit, etc.) Rules / Requirements: You must submit as a PSD and be willing for us to edit it, if we see fit It must be 250 pixels high, and 760 pixels wide It must have a 3 pixel border around the whole thing, which must be either black or white It ought to feature your art for what a "Former Hero" may look like (can be original or GFX) It must feature the text: Former Hero prominently You must submit your entry as a separate thread / topic to this subforum When you create a thread you must follow this title format: USERNAME #1 Banner Contest Entry (ex: Marzia #1 Banner Contest Entry) and as a content, you must post/attach the image (you may use the bbcode for image, or do an image paste if using chrome) and give us a link to your .psd [mediafire, dropbox, googledrive, etc (as long as it contains no virus)] Submission Deadline: The 4th of June 2019 at 23:59 BST I will be entering myself, so if there are no other entries, we have a back up. But come on guys, you can do better than me. If you have any questions, please them as a reply to this topic. It's Closed, Vote Now: https://www.strawpoll.me/18114887 You have 24 hours or until the poll is destroyed.
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    hey i wouldn’t mind trying to be a typesetter or even a cleaner.... I have never done anything so i’m in experienced so I would love to help where ever I can!
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    The first 6 chapters were worked on by another group, not LOLScans. As for why you can't open the file, it's not password protected, perhaps the download partially failed - try downloading it again and see if that fixes it, alternatively, you can read it online: https://forums.lolscans.com/book/p.php?c=Ch22&p=Marginal_Operation.
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    Title: Marginal OperationAuthor: Shibamura YuriArtist: Kimura DaisukeGenres: Action, Drama, Seinen, TragedySummary:A 30 years old Japanese NEET joins a PMC in the middle east and becomes the handler of some soldiers.adapted from the novel series of the same nameReleases:Volume02Chapter007: ReleasedVolume02Chapter008: ReleasedVolume02Chapter009: ReleasedVolume02Chapter010: ReleasedVolume02Chapter011: Released Volume03Chapter012: Released Volume03Chapter013: ReleasedVolume03Chapter014: ReleasedVolume03Chapter015: ReleasedVolume03Chapter016: Released Volume03Chapter017: Released Volume04Chapter018: Released Volume04Chapter019: Released Volume04Chapter020: Released Volume04Chapter021: Released Volume04Chapter022: Released Volume04Chapter023: Released
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    Hello everyone, I wish to join the team here!
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    Hello, I use Idi0ticGenius as nickname, but I'm also known as Loriri in games. My favorite color is Green personally, but I tend to like Pink online (hence my avatar). I've joined LOLScans after seeing the ad for Korean Translator. Since the translation project I was involved in finished, I decided to give it a shot as translating is my hobby. As you can guess, I am bilingual (Korean-English). I am Korean origin, but I moved to US. It's a bit embarrassing but I've forgotten Korean briefly after I stopped myself from speaking Korean to learn English faster, but I've regained it after I studied it again. It was that moment when I started translating as a hobby because I thought translating both languages back and forth would be the best way to learn both languages at the same time. Despite all that though; I'm more of math and science guy; I'm actually terrible in other subjects.
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    My handwriting differs every day. I dont exactly have a print. My print is a mix between cursive and the regular letters. This is my print This is my cursive. I tend to connect my i's and t's for both print and cursive.
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    I never knew this horrendous thread existed. Here's my contribution: Here's a small sad story from not so long ago of me, my light switch, and my carelessness and woe. This light switch was special in that it dangled from the ceiling A long fragile chain to be pulled only with careful feeling. For several careful years did this light switch thus perilously persist, Until one careless yank did tear the switch; now it desists. I stared in disbelief at the chain snapped there in my hand; my trusty partner I had slain its spirit now beyond this land. Now I can't reach my light switch, it too high and I too low. Failed me did that little bitch and left me on tiptoe.
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    It's been a while since it rained at my place. I really like it, especially in winters when it gets extra chilly because of it! What about you guys? Do you like rain? Or are you the one of those peeps that prefer to stay inside and go "Ugh, it's raining again..." ?
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    I don't understand humans For I am no longer human This is just a song So don't throw away your taunts Watch your mouth kid For I will throw a fit Getting to know their shit I don't understand them a bit Wandering in the dark I saw something shine Oh wait, it's a question mark I ate it to make it mine This is the way my song ends This is the way I form friends Not with a human But a reflection of one. PS - Needs more crippling depression
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    Hi everyone My nickname is Sedna I found lolscans when I was reading manga. I don’t know if I can help you. I don’t have any experience but I wanna try to help
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    Thank you for the feedback and the pointer, Zaph! I'll edit that! Heh, most of my poetry is like that, although I'll try to share the uplifting and positive ones too. 😂
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    I usually look up prompts on either different contests or writing activities to see what could inspire me to write something. The prompt that made me write this poem was: What goes inside the human mind when it comes to thoughts is an enigma. A mystery to the human eye. We cannot hear someone thinking, but with observation, we can see. A Plastered Smile Have you seen how she smiles, radiantas the spring sun itself, corners of her mouthrising showing the tiny, purple healing bruise on the lip,perfectly concealed with lipstick, remnant of her past?Have you seen her dress up, an angelin disguise, in her blue dress that lookslike the deep, soothing ocean itselfburying the deep scars on her back?Have you seen her play, so dynamic, in action,with the kids in the park everyday in evening,their heart filled laughter echoing through the place,hers masking the desire to make a beautiful life, see it grow every day?Have you seen how she plays the violinthe melody dispersing in the foster home of kids,bringing a smile to their faces, all the while hiding such pain behind her closed peaceful eyes?Have you seen how after the entire dayof smiling, when she goes back to bedand it's replaced by a frown as the tearsget soaked into, hid by the pillowthat's dry by morning as the day beginsand a smile is plastered to conceal all of it,again?
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    Now this has an atmosphere. One very minor nitpick: "with the kids in the park everyday in evening," I think the phrase here should be "every day"; which simply means each day. "Everyday" means very common/ordinary and doesn't quite grammatically fit. Really great mood piece, though. Finished a bit more depressed than when I started 😅
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    On that night he walked alone. With no destination in mind, betrayed by the world for the last time, he halted his time and sat in a dark empty corner which had been long since abandoned and now it’s filled with complete nothingness. As he retired to the floor, curled in the fetal position, he thought, “Did I simply want to be loved? Was that the only thing I ever actually desired? All this time I thought I could have lived without it but, it was nothing other than an illusion. In the end it was that feeling that I wanted to experience the most. However, they forsake me. In spite of all that I did for them, they never saw me as a person of their own, did they?” And then, those words came to him, “To live is to suffer." He told himself constantly while drowning in an ocean of anger and despair. “But can I do anything anymore? I realized this after such a time when I wouldn’t be able to turn it to the way it should be. What will happen to me now? I wonder. Will, I ever find my salvation, or will I live here for the rest of my life, hidden and slowly rotting away?” He kept shivering in fear. At that moment he remembered the last words his mother had left for him before disappearing, “If only you never existed, if only you disappeared, none of my misery would have taken place.” As those words rang in his head he thought, “I really was beaten up good by the people I loved the most.” A madman’s laugh could be heard from a distance. It was none other than the boy himself. A foolish begging young one succumbed to despair. Lost all hope for anyone and everyone, he said, “If the world will never accept me, then I'll simply destroy it. All losses in this world are due to a lack of ability. If I'm to enter that wicked world again, I'll become strong, strong enough to exact revenge on each and every one who betrayed. If my fate is to die, I’ll die in style. Only by placing the whole world in a state of terror, I’ll rest in peace.” Completely immersed in a swamp of tragedy, he moved forward. He was beautiful in that struggling state. Enough to bend the world to its knees.
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    I have this bookmarked in my app... I guess I'll start reading it too... if you like romance... My Boo is a good one!
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    I wanna revive this thread. Here's something from my current playlist: Florence and the Machine What the Water Gave Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am6rArVPip8 Stand By Me (cover) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv2DSmy3Tro shake it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbN0nX61rIs Cage the Elephant Cigarette Daydreams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrsxWeBgadA Too Late to Say Goodbye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxL4XVs_B9M Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_O_T6Aq85E The Hit House - Ordinary World (cover) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hId34I6hOQg Metric - Speed the Collapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jiQ1QpNSkA Adele - Rolling in the Deep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYEDA3JcQqw Adele - Send My Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk4BbF7B29w
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    Title: Reckoning ( 레코닝) Author and Artist: LEE Hye Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi Summary: -Soon- Releases: Prologue: Released CH000-010: Released Chapter 11: Released Chapter 12: Released Chapter 13: Released Chapter 14: Released We HIGHLY DISCOURAGE hosting our releases on readers we're not affiliated with, also only ADMINS are allowed to release our projects on other readers. Thank you for understanding!
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    I am alive, take advantage of it!!!
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