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    Hello to all LOLstaff prospects! Before you apply you need to know a few information. 1. We are a group of volunteers, we don't do scanlation for money and we will keep it that way. No salary, it's not an online job. So, if you're applying because of such thoughts, even though as much as we want you to apply... I would highly suggest that you don't. 2. After getting in-terms with #1 and would still want to apply and join the fun of scanlation... please, make sure that you have an ftp client (Filezilla, FireFTP, WinSCP; there's a guide on how to use these clients in our staff forum, you'll gain complete access after becoming full staff. ) So that you can get access to "behind-the-scenes" of our projects. 3. To take the test, go to the specified sub-forum application position you wish to apply for. There, you'll see a download link for you, containing the test which is in .rar or .zip so make sure you can unzip .rar or .zip 4. After finishing the test, please e-mail it to [email protected] with the following title format: Username_[Position]_Country/Timezone ex: Marzia_QC_GMT+00 ; Marzia_QC_Antartica 5. Please be willing to join our group in discord server for our staff members which an invite link will be sent to you through email once you pass the test. Also, if you'd like to join our public community too, just join through: https://discord.gg/BqaWZK5 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Information: For Translators, Proofreaders, Cleaners, and Typesetters... experience is not required. We also welcome those who want to help even though it's their first time and have no clue about scanlation, we will be more than willing to teach and guide you! But first, please try the test provided, just indicate in your mail that you're applying as "Apprentice" so we can asses your situation. Q: How to apply if you're an experienced scanlator and do not wish to take the test? A: As of today until the unforeseeable future, taking our test will be mandatory. Providing links to published chapters you've worked on won't be accepted anymore. So, if you'd like to join us or wish to help us, please take the test. ^^ Important: To those who wish to apply for the Quality Checker position Quality Checkers applicants, if you wish to apply for this position, you'll have to take the tests from Proofreader-Cleaner-Typesetter; so you'll be attaching 3 separate tests in the e-mail application. Note that you may choose one between the colored/webtoon and B&W Cleaner test, or do both. ^^ *Note: After sending your application, please take note that it will take us 3 days at max to respond to you, so please be patient.. however, if after those days you still haven't gotten a response from us, please make a post in the thread of the position you are applying for. If you feel like your application has been neglected, join our discord server and poke a server admin in there. And lastly, our group is aiming for weekly releases as much as possible (though, we are failing miserably on this schedule due to real life), but we will never release low-quality scans. With all that said, happy-application and good luck!
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    Procrastination brought me here. (jk) I hope you like it Me shall go write ScorpioxLibra fanfic now. TO SEE THE IMAGE CLEARLY either click on full size at the bottom left or click on the picture, right click, press view image, and there you have it.
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    We've changed the forum quite a bit and hid the reader and download link thread of our projects in their own subforum which will only show once you've reach the minimum requirement: A registered member with a validated email address 5 non-spam post. We have noticed people just posting the same things all over again or just posting a thread with only 1 word like "yo" , "hello" or posts that states "welcome", "wow", or just a single word post and posting the same thing on all the threads they have posted in just for the sake of that 5 post counts. If we see anything of the sort, we will remove your post count and those posts will be flagged as spam. Your post must never be 1 word (unless it's in the game section). First of all, why do we do this? If you have noticed we don't have ads in our forum nor in our reader, there's no profit gain here... we don't have anything of the sort so don't speculate that it's for the sake of money because it's not. The only place where the ads shows up is in our homepage. Really and seriously... we all shoulder the expenses of our servers with the help of some nice people donating-- we didn't think of monetizing our forum and reader and only the website which at most only gives us a cent in a month LOL. NOTHING is going in our pockets, so why do we do this? We don't want mangafox to have our works. We don't like how they put their mark and crunching our pages, ruining the resolution. That's destroying our own work. We are doing it voluntarily and to be honest without permission from the mangakas/manhwagas so we'd like to keep it in our own site or in bato.to We are limiting the access of our projects' download link for those reasons and we hope you'd understand. On to the main reason of this thread. With the change in the forum, if you have 5 approved posts and still can't see the Reader and Download Link subforum Like this: Make a post in this thread so we can fix whatever needs to be fixed so you'll be able to see and access them.
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    this is fun just like { behind the scenes } story
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    Hi Hugh, and welcome to lol scans forum. Non-spam means you have put thought an effort into your posts. You have not posted 5, 1 word posts. You ask questions, talk to people, and participate in the community for at least five posts. I hope you have a good time here and continue to participate and hang out with past your five post requirement. We love talking to everyone on the forums.
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    Here is my entry for the gluttony art contest. Enjoy~
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    mwahaha. Here's for the gluttony art contest. I hope you like it!
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    Guess where the flag is... 😚😚
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    Nice to meet you too, Ayna-chan. So glad to have such an enthusiastic otaku here! (3000 manga holy shit, you have even surpassed me tch.) Welcome to the forums~
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    I won't lie, I'm really looking forward to getting to read this one again, thanks to all involved for picking it up and for all the hard work
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    mine and my mother's on the blue paper
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    I used to hate Korean food. It didn't taste right in my tongue, until I come to Korea and realize that my country has completely ruin the taste. It's a 2 week event in uni so I can't say the food is amazing because the dorm's food is only tolerable (but hey it's free!) but the time they took us out to a restaurant, it taste delicious! I never like how we have to eat bibimbap, but it really taste the best when mixed. Welcome lunch. I love the pajeon, but the potato dish is the winning one here. Don't know the name. I tried that galbitang! It was a mistake, and so expensive too (by my standard). I can't really say I enjoy eating rice inside a chicken with all the ginger and other spice still intact etc., but it really help me getting through the summer there, I suppose. If there's a Korean food I recommend people to try, it would be their street food cake which I don't think I have found sold in other countries. I don't know the name until 4 years later, but recently maangchi uploaded and I think this is it. Gyeran bbang. Despite the egg, the one I ate tasted sweet. I love Japanese food! Since this is manga forum, I think everyone will be well versed about Japanese food, but just want to share :3. For me Japanese modern dessert in the current Japan tasted like diabetes. So sweet! The traditional ones are okay, but nothing much. Really disappointed in dango, mochi in red bean soup, and melon pan. Their soft cream, and other really popular dessert might taste so good, though. And matcha! Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki is a must try, too. But the more unusual ones (maybe) : For Japanese food I'd really recommended eating uni sushi Sorry it's blur And then the clam! It's fresh, a bit sour because of lemon, to get rid of the smell I assume. This one is grilled, but I tried the raw ones and it's amazing! Mind blown. I heard it's not strictly Japanese food as French also have a similar dish Kaisendon, but in Japan they have so many names... but as long as the fish is fresh, it's heaven. For Philippines food, the ingredients and way to cook is a bit similar with my country food, but the result is ... say, quite different. And there is a dish called Balot Pinoys will try to recommend to you. Ummm a tips : Don't look up the image online or listen to the description if you want to try it for the first time, unless you have a very strong mental, I guess. I am sure there are a lot of Pinoy here, please don't hate me X"D I love their dessert! This is bibingka Camporado This is a porridge mix of chocolate sauce with black glutinous rice, I think. So good! Halo halo This is mixed shaved ice with milk etc. Out of all country's shaved ice I have tried (Indonesia, Malaysia, Korean (yes that delicious pat bing soo), and Japan), I love this one the best. Buko shake... This one has enter Indonesia, too. I am so happy! I went backpacking to Europe, but can't really find a dish I really shout "Awesome!". Maybe because my budget is so tight I only eat from dirt cheap stands. There are some good cheese and dessert, as cheese is very limited to my country But the size is crazy. At least for me, an Indonesian, it's... enormous. That's schnitzel in Austria, cost me 9 Euro.... And don't forget to try their beer!!! This is supposed to be a Hungarian cake named Creme... It's so sweet, but delicious Try Pierogi of Poland! This is French, right? Okay that's it about other country's food... time for my own's, Indonesia I give Indonesia the title of best food in the world and the food itself are able to hold me from migrating to other countries. Some of it is very similar to Malaysian food, so please don't be mad at me for 'claiming' it. Nasi uduk. This is very similar to "Nasi Lemak" of Malaysia Pempek. My favourite savoury snack food! The dipping sauce can be sweet or spicy And siomay. These two. The peanut sauce are to die for Soto. So much variation of the same name dish Andd.... the last but not least : RENDANG! Choosen as the world most delicious food in a survey, it's kind of a curry. There are still so, so, many dishes I can't mention one by one. And there are so many dessert and traditional sweets and cake. Martabak. This sinful food is traditionally topped with cheese, peanut, chocolate, and sesame seed. Nowadays it's also available in Nutela, Toblerone, etc. Indonesia is that rich of food. But a lot of Indonesian food are butchered abroad, it taste nothing like the original, since Indonesian food need so much spices. That's my recommendation Can I hear more about Vietnam food recommendation please?
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    Seeing how there weren't any game threads here I guess I'll try making one. The concept is simple, you try and continue the current story using 3 words. Of course make sure to follow the forum rules and try to have fun.. Example - A : Once Upon A B : Goat, there lived A : A King who ... Starting here - Once Upon A
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    Now this has an atmosphere. One very minor nitpick: "with the kids in the park everyday in evening," I think the phrase here should be "every day"; which simply means each day. "Everyday" means very common/ordinary and doesn't quite grammatically fit. Really great mood piece, though. Finished a bit more depressed than when I started 😅
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    On that night he walked alone. With no destination in mind, betrayed by the world for the last time, he halted his time and sat in a dark empty corner which had been long since abandoned and now it’s filled with complete nothingness. As he retired to the floor, curled in the fetal position, he thought, “Did I simply want to be loved? Was that the only thing I ever actually desired? All this time I thought I could have lived without it but, it was nothing other than an illusion. In the end it was that feeling that I wanted to experience the most. However, they forsake me. In spite of all that I did for them, they never saw me as a person of their own, did they?” And then, those words came to him, “To live is to suffer." He told himself constantly while drowning in an ocean of anger and despair. “But can I do anything anymore? I realized this after such a time when I wouldn’t be able to turn it to the way it should be. What will happen to me now? I wonder. Will, I ever find my salvation, or will I live here for the rest of my life, hidden and slowly rotting away?” He kept shivering in fear. At that moment he remembered the last words his mother had left for him before disappearing, “If only you never existed, if only you disappeared, none of my misery would have taken place.” As those words rang in his head he thought, “I really was beaten up good by the people I loved the most.” A madman’s laugh could be heard from a distance. It was none other than the boy himself. A foolish begging young one succumbed to despair. Lost all hope for anyone and everyone, he said, “If the world will never accept me, then I'll simply destroy it. All losses in this world are due to a lack of ability. If I'm to enter that wicked world again, I'll become strong, strong enough to exact revenge on each and every one who betrayed. If my fate is to die, I’ll die in style. Only by placing the whole world in a state of terror, I’ll rest in peace.” Completely immersed in a swamp of tragedy, he moved forward. He was beautiful in that struggling state. Enough to bend the world to its knees.
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    Just wanted to say hello and ask for any tips or pointers
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    Hi everyone ! It's me Evadiams , I just joined this blog/forum/community today I discovered lolscans thanks to ''Falls in love too late'' and I just want to thank you guys sososososoososo much for all the webtoons/manwha/manhua/manga/comics you translate , clean , type , etc !!!! For the self introduction part , all I really have to say is that i'm a 16 year old canadian girl who love a lot of things ._.
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    I really wish these communities would have easier access and more platform publicity People have to appreciate the effort put into scanlations :<
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    It's still going! follow the rules and post your entry in a separate thread :'D
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    I don't mind as long as it's after my exams! :') they end around the mid november. thank you.
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    Welcome to LOLScans!!
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    Username - edward Nickname - surge Came here - Mafia's Daughter About myself Well I was snooping the internet and got Mafia's Daughter. It was pretty good. So I liked the group and decided to join it. Thank you for the wonderful release.
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    Hi there, and welcome.
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    Or go for Golden Change for beaaautiful art and first class humour.
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    I googled 'red eyes' and all that showed up were diseased eyes... go figure. It would be cool to see someone with red irises though, they could go "You should run... the seal on my eyes are about to be undone... raargh" or something like that. I would.
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    Because work is over? I don't really hate doing my job, but it gets tiresome sometimes... especially recently, so I'm always looking forward to getting good rest at home.
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    indeed, hope i can hold myself from reading some raws I thought Sonia would be some of the candidates (from the cover which include a priest), but she's actually not. And, it's anwered in 1st chapter For now, i'd pray that maho would be one of the candidate
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    Nice!!! you should create your own thread so you can have your own personalize place for your artworks! <3
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    yo I saw a Gorillaz in there - how about that new stuff?
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    m\za,.lbrtvgh I seem to have big elbows....
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    Arte - Ookubo Kei Bambino! and Bambino Secondo! - Sekiya Tetsuji Cat Street - Kamio Youko Clockwork - Yoshioka Sakaki (quite a big shame that raws can't be found) DCD - Taguchi Kenji Gakuen Babysitters - Takeino Hari Glass Mask - Miuchi Suzue Dr. Duo - Oosawa Yusuke Haru - Ayase Umi ID - The greatest fusion fantasy - Kim Daewoo Kare First Love - Miyasaka Kaho Historie - Iwaaki Hitoshi Kiichi!! - Arai Hideki
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    Hey everyone, I'm naji I'm a 17 y/o bruh from sanfrancisco got into college so i decided to pass the time until i go by reading manhwa, read Lookism a long while ago and i really liked it so i came back to it recently and i just started Love' Revolution (연애혁명) uhhh maybeeee some people may know me from another korean pop music forum site. I'm a HARDCORE, and I mean Hardcore like deranged Ujung (WJSN stan #WJSN_Takeover_2K17) anyways, please ask more questions, I'm a sucker for romantic manga/manhwa that is cheesy and stuff so pls pls pls give me recommendations thanks, NaJi
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    For me: Gintoki and his overpowered wood sword.
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    I used to read losts of books in high school! Classics, urban fantasy, dystopian novels...but now I have to read less to pass exams
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    I was reading the comic on another web which u have to use golden keys to redeem each episode. Im trying my luck here. Very curios of the comics.lol. im 30 anyway. Cant stop reading manga since teenage.
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    IT'S SO GOOD! I'm up to date with it... except... KissAnime isn't working properly atm
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    Mangahere. http://m.mangahere.co/manga/nobunaga_no_chef/ and looking at it one one more time, it's possible I may have mixed up the order that Americans and Europeans write dates again.... >_< but I know it's not showing up in their daily updates for sure; I may have been off reading Japanese novels the past month or so, but march through November, I've been obsessively checking their feed multiple times a day.
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    That would be great, if I ever checked my email... The weird thing is that they HAVE the chapters, but the DATE isn't updating... I guess that's what I get for using online manga readers.
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    Loooool It's good, but I still haven't gone past mid first season :'c
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    “You have a unicorn? Well I have a potato!” “What is that ... doing? Is that a ....?”
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    Welcome welcome Eupho~!! Glad to have you here ^^
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    Welcome to LOLScans! This is our new and official forum, due to our previous forum being a free service, migration was not possible, thus, we are all starting anew here! But things would still stay the same~ There are just a few rules we'll have to follow: 1) Strictly no profanity (Unless it's in the 18&Over's forum section) 2) No Flaming 3) No Trolling 4) No advertising of any products here 5) No linking of any explicit sites in this forum(pictures and videos included = duh~). 6) No linking of other scanlation group's site here, unless we have a joint project with them 7) No disrespecting of my staff members (mods included) Breaking rules 1-3 will give you a warning, accumulation of 5 warnings = banned Breaking rules 4-7 gives you a free ticket out of LOL land = banned automatically Let's have a clean friendly fun! We have a 3 Days delay policy for all of our projects, if you wish to read as soon as they're released, you can read them through our reader. We kindly ask you to never host our projects on any other forums or reader platforms. Unless you have permission from us
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