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    Hello to all LOLstaff prospects! Before you apply you need to know a few information. 1. We are a group of volunteers, we don't do scanlation for money and we will keep it that way. No salary, it's not an online job. So, if you're applying because of such thoughts, even though as much as we want you to apply... I would highly suggest that you don't. 2. After getting in-terms with #1 and would still want to apply and join the fun of scanlation... please, make sure that you have an ftp client (Filezilla, FireFTP, WinSCP; there's a guide on how to use these clients in our staff forum, you'll gain complete access after becoming full staff. ) So that you can get access to "behind-the-scenes" of our projects. 3. To take the test, go to the specified sub-forum application position you wish to apply for. There, you'll see a download link for you, containing the test which is in .rar or .zip so make sure you can unzip .rar or .zip 4. After finishing the test, please e-mail it to [email protected] with the following title format: Username_[Position]_Country/Timezone ex: Marzia_QC_GMT+00 ; Marzia_QC_Antartica 5. Please be willing to join our group in discord: https://discord.me/lolscans or https://discord.gg/sNmGBa7 6. We have just migrated to discord and will be using it as our platform of communication! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Information: For Translators, Proofreaders, Cleaners, and Typesetters... experience is not required. We also welcome those who want to help even though it's their first time and have no clue about scanlation, we will be more than willing to teach and guide you! But first, please try the test provided, just indicate in your mail that you're applying as "Apprentice" so we can asses your situation. Q: How to apply if you're an experienced scanlator and do not wish to take the test? A: As of today until the unforeseeable future, taking our test will be mandatory. Providing links to published chapters you've worked on won't be accepted anymore. So, if you'd like to join us or wish to help us, please take the test. ^^ Important: To those who wish to apply for the Quality Checker position Quality Checkers applicants, if you wish to apply for this position, you'll have to take the tests from Proofreader-Cleaner-Typesetter; so you'll be attaching 3 separate tests in the e-mail application. Note that you may choose one between the colored/webtoon and B&W Cleaner test, or do both. ^^ *Note: After sending your application, please take note that it will take us 3 days at max to respond to you, so please be patient.. however, if after those days you still haven't gotten a response from us, please make a post in the thread of the position you are applying for. If you feel like your application has been neglected, join our discord server and poke a server admin in there. And lastly, our group is aiming for weekly releases as much as possible (though, we are failing miserably on this schedule due to real life), but we will never release low-quality scans. With all that said, happy-application and good luck!
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    Hi my name is Maria Zenith, 14 years old, from philippines the one that i draw is Saran from 'Mafia's Daughter Operation Makeover' THIS IS MY FANART
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    So, since I noticed this corner seems dead.... I feel like we writer's should get to know each other a little. I'm a writer! (Isn't that obvious since I am posting in this forum section? I digress...) Anehalia is the pen name and you can find me all over the internet (hint, google Anehalia). I specialize in no focus (Seriously though, my main three novel series are completely different. One is science fantasy written in first person present tense, one is young adult dystopian post-apocalyptic written in first person past tense, and one is Greco-Roman based Fantasy written in third person past tense.) I also write short stories every now and then, and with those I am even more varied from personal experience and fiction stories to Virtual Reality science fiction and Fantasy stories.
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    I have 2 types of handwriting: (don't mind my bio final review)
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    Yo, it's me. I've only been doing this for about a year, I started as a humble PR with MIA and finished it just recently. You may also have seen me around advertising new features in the reader - that's just me feeding my ego. I go around a few other projects filling in when a PR isn't there, well, you might've noticed if you didn't skip through the credits (It's okay, I do that too) What else? Oh yeah, if you want to apply as a PR or a French TL then I'll be your gatekeeper and mentor (sometimes... if I remember). I also do some behind the scenes work here. "What's that?" I hear you ask, well, if I told you that, it wouldn't be behind the scenes anymore. You may not see me around as often as you might've done in the past. I'm back at uni now, working in VR. Doing cool stuff. That being said, I will stay true to the cause and you can definitely expect to see a lot more Dawn Traveller. Hobbies? This. Videogames. Programming. Pop-culture.
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    Procrastination brought me here. (jk) I hope you like it Me shall go write ScorpioxLibra fanfic now. TO SEE THE IMAGE CLEARLY either click on full size at the bottom left or click on the picture, right click, press view image, and there you have it.
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    Yes i did waste 3 mins of my life making this
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    Hi from a deep hellhole. I'm just your ordinary procrastinator, who takes peace in dillydallying, sleeping, and eating. Shockingly, I also have other hobbies: reading, writing fiction, and listening to music. Once in a full moon, I don't change into werewolf, but I learn language(s). Generally speaking, I don't have much preference. - Food? As long as it can be eaten by most human, it's fine. - Books? Anything is fine, except horror or something toooooo gory. Same with movies. - Music? Please don't give me hard metal (or any metal). - Places? Providing it has: internet, electricity, and a place to sleep on (table/sofa/chair/bed). So. Yeah. Nice to meet you.
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    heheh i was bored so i wrote stuff ㅇ-ㅇ I know it’s not christmas yet but i didn’t know what to write;;;
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    I really like to draw but sadly, I haven't improved much due to lack of time and motivation. Here are some examples of drawings I've made a few months ago:
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    I write differently depending on the pen I use, and if I use it more often I get better with that and find it hard to go back to other pens again. I normally use a ball-point but this sample is a fountain. I have 2 styles: Fast and normal. Take a look.
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    Trial 1: bn holpnnu78t5sauu8 Trial 2: bonju8tzauu ...there's always room for improvement.
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    How to get a staff member to take on missing positions.... The day I got a typesetter for POP:
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    I am a huge fan at seeing how other people write So share yours! Whether it be pen on paper, digitally, English or your native language~ "Hope to see some great penmanship~" Messy4days
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    Title: Marginal OperationAuthor: Shibamura YuriArtist: Kimura DaisukeGenres: Action, Drama, Seinen, TragedySummary:A 30 years old Japanese NEET joins a PMC in the middle east and becomes the handler of some soldiers.adapted from the novel series of the same nameReleases:Volume02Chapter007: ReleasedVolume02Chapter008: ReleasedVolume02Chapter009: ReleasedVolume02Chapter010: ReleasedVolume02Chapter011: Released Volume03Chapter012: Released Volume03Chapter013: ReleasedVolume03Chapter014: ReleasedVolume03Chapter015: ReleasedVolume03Chapter016: Released Volume03Chapter017: Released Volume04Chapter018: Released Volume04Chapter019: Released Volume04Chapter020: Released Volume04Chapter021: Released Volume04Chapter022: Released Volume04Chapter023: Released
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    We've changed the forum quite a bit and hid the reader and download link thread of our projects in their own subforum which will only show once you've reach the minimum requirement: A registered member with a validated email address 5 non-spam post. We have noticed people just posting the same things all over again or just posting a thread with only 1 word like "yo" , "hello" or posts that states "welcome", "wow", or just a single word post and posting the same thing on all the threads they have posted in just for the sake of that 5 post counts. If we see anything of the sort, we will remove your post count and those posts will be flagged as spam. Your post must never be 1 word (unless it's in the game section). First of all, why do we do this? If you have noticed we don't have ads in our forum nor in our reader, there's no profit gain here... we don't have anything of the sort so don't speculate that it's for the sake of money because it's not. The only place where the ads shows up is in our homepage. Really and seriously... we all shoulder the expenses of our servers with the help of some nice people donating-- we didn't think of monetizing our forum and reader and only the website which at most only gives us a cent in a month LOL. NOTHING is going in our pockets, so why do we do this? We don't want mangafox to have our works. We don't like how they put their mark and crunching our pages, ruining the resolution. That's destroying our own work. We are doing it voluntarily and to be honest without permission from the mangakas/manhwagas so we'd like to keep it in our own site or in bato.to We are limiting the access of our projects' download link for those reasons and we hope you'd understand. On to the main reason of this thread. With the change in the forum, if you have 5 approved posts and still can't see the Reader and Download Link subforum Like this: Make a post in this thread so we can fix whatever needs to be fixed so you'll be able to see and access them.
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    The munchkin actually took a nap! (Eventually........ >_> )
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    Time to start the contest off I guess, a homage to the manga that brought me to lolscans~ Personally, I am awfully curious as to see if it is possible to be part of multiple user groups~ Oh and the Mega download link for the PSD: https://mega.nz/#!f5MgDT4T!0le9OOtXdBlzk3JLL7KFDo0Jq1dkdXYe5JMSs-On2rE
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    Serious I really want to thank you because while ago I thought that webtoon will be on hold (I read something that Naver not allowed to translate into english) and I almost cried because in my language Crepu is not longer translated for 2 years I love you so much! Crepuscule is my FAVOURITE webtoon and I really happy that I can read this in a language that I understand (ok, not all but most ) Please continue transtation for us, the big fans forever! PS Sorry for my bad english but I hope that you understand it
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    Suddenly saw some nice image fit for banner Link for psd file: https://www.mediafire.com/?knldf174xspuvi6
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    I am really thankful to u guys for translating this T^T I was about to lose hope it will never be translated again ;-;
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    hello, minki here! i was born on the 27th of February (you don't have to know the year keke). i'm singaporean chinese, lived in singapore all my life. :') i'm currently still studying and about to take my national exams in a few months time. ; - ; i stay home a lot (and game a lot), which is one of my flaws since i have to go out and work someday. ((cries)) after my exams, however, i would also like to volunteer in proofreading or translation from chinese to english (or both yay). ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و DISCLAIMER: my chinese isn't the best but it exists. (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) i prefer english. minki was here
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    this is fun just like { behind the scenes } story
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    you worked hard ... many thanks
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    Hi Hugh, and welcome to lol scans forum. Non-spam means you have put thought an effort into your posts. You have not posted 5, 1 word posts. You ask questions, talk to people, and participate in the community for at least five posts. I hope you have a good time here and continue to participate and hang out with past your five post requirement. We love talking to everyone on the forums.
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    A Little Adventure I ran away, you know. Once. Twice. Every night in my dreams I fled. I escaped reality bit by bit. A piecemeal invasion of little microscopic ants working their way into my dreams. Sealing my fate. Sleeping sister – they call out into the night. Sleeping sister, come with us. My own little adventure. And slip out from under the covers; a robe over bare cold shoulders. Pitter patter, our feet flop against cold wood floor. Scurry along the dark wall. We know the way out. We’ve been this way so often, all of us. A little bird lands on my shoulder, a quiet peep of greeting. The cat rubs on my leg, and down the stairs, one step at a time. Each step I grip the wall, praying not to fall. Who can blame me, when everything goes down? Tumble rumble bang dong rong. The sound a person makes when they crash on the first step. But tonight, my feet are steady. Tonight, I can escape. The foyer’s windows let the pale foggy light blare through. The door opens, and a man with a fox mask greets me with an exaggerated sweeping bow, ending with an extended paw. I take hold, delighted that he will accompany me again. He leads me forward; his feet know the route to escape better than my own. My escort knows me well, and he guides my wandering step forward. Who knows what lies ahead of barren time? She has so many children, and yet not a single one is her own. A tightrope walker wobbles on her threads before flipping in the air and landing on the ground. The silky waves of light fall between the trees. If we can reach the main road before morning… Onward! - Someone cries out as if he is leading a brigade. My fox man pulls me to a halt and quietly looks at me. Is this what you want? His mask falls from his face, and he is there. Whenever did this world first take him from me? But he is here now. Waiting for me to join him. If we can make it to the main road, but I don’t know this path anymore. A myriad of screeches, cries, and bellows sings a mournful song. This is but the first adventure on the forward road to destiny. Who can tell where landfall starts and where the darkness ends? Is this but a kindly spirit, run full of holes? I am not yet free of feeling, free of weight from that place. A lead anchor ties me down, but his hand holds mine gently, as if waiting for me to slip away and turn back around. It’s as if he thinks that I’ll betray him again! But he is the one that I could never betray. It’s for him that I come down those stairs every day. It’s for him that I grip his hand tightly in my own, and with the other hand point in the direction we were going. Or is that the direction we were coming from? Which way to go in these dreary dark woods? He leads me forward and the path grows tight, the trees whisper warnings of misfortune, of the one waiting to boil any who come close. Should I keep following him? But we have to make it to the main road… His hand is too light in my own, it’s barely there, and slowly it seems to be made of air. No! No! We have to make it to the main road. It’s there where we can run away together. The flowers tangle in my feet, veins twisting over my legs, and branches cage my arms. I am a statue stuck in a moment of time growing longer by the second. Warmth prickles against my belly, and I clutch his hand. I swear I’ll escape. Tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ll escape together. Tomorrow we’ll make it to the main road. Each beam of fire pierces his body, tearing it to shreds, his shadowed face looks on, tears streaking downwards. A spear pierces through his face, and tares it from my eyes. I can still feel his hand gripped in my own. One hand holding him. One unable to shade him from the view of the merciless creature. The hand slips out of my, waving for just a moment before the wrathful fire decimates it, and then turns its gaze on me. The creatures flee afraid it will notice them. The children sing and laugh as then run back to hide in their dens for the day. Time keeps going. Tick tock. The warrior looks down on me, and the trees release me to the shining warrior. Grab my hair, and yanks me along. Pulling me back through the forest where the trees respectfully step back. Back toward the large white house with its red gabled roof glowing with the warrior’s radiance. Into the door I fall, and then fate wields her chain. Even if I managed to make it to the main road. Even if we escaped the warrior. I can never break Fate’s chains. I can never stop her from pulling me back. Thunk, thunk, thunk. She drags me up the stairs, one step at a time. All the way back, to lie in my bed. The warrior is gentle now that I cannot fight back. The warrior glances at me with kindness, but I would rather watch the warrior fall into the eternal night than lie here now. People come, one by one. Say something. Move. Twitch. You can be more. Who are you to lie in bed all day long? The warrior stands guard, watching, waiting. The warrior knows my plans. Tonight, I will escape. Tonight, it will be a story out of a novel come charging down to melt my chains away. Tonight, we will make it to the main road and be free. He won’t have to cry anymore. I dream a million times that I escape. A prisoner of my dreams. An endless ceaseless cycle. A prisoner locked away in a cell designed especially for me, my own body. The warrior looks on, gently smiling. All is right with this world.
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    I have this one saved in my "favorites", but have yet to start reading it. Sounds like I should start it sooner than later!
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    I got the first volume in a store in my hometown, stumbled upon it really.. and now i've binged this over the course of a few hours.. i need more... The characters, the art, the atmosphere.. the mystery.. it all adds up to such a perfect whole.. Far better than Twilight i must say.. <xD
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    A woman walks along, her hand out as if holding another hand. Plain brown hair is trimmed in a buzz cut against her head, and she wears an off-white tank top and off-white shorts. She stops, as if she's hit someone "Ghoster!" She proclaims as she jumps back from the person she just ran into, her face slightly shocked as she looks around and sees no one in her reality. The woman she ran into stumbles backward to keep her balance. "I hate these virtuals," she mutters as she pulls down at her green dress. "No regard for the real world around them. Always living in the virtual space." No one hears her or notices her. She plays with the end of her black braid. "One day I'll run into another ghoster my age, maybe. Then maybe they will appreciate the effort I go through for my appearance." "Ghoster!" The woman who ran into her calls out again, her eyes blinking as she adjusts her contacts to look for something not accounted for by the virtual adjusters. "There you are. You should watch out for other people if you aren't going to at least wear a reference chip." She blinks again, looking over the woman in front of her. "You are such a plain little creature. You should join the virtual world. It could make you so much prettier." She sighs, running her hand through nonexistent hair. "I'm in a hurry, so watch out little ghoster." She walks around the woman in the simple dull green dress, leaving her standing there, playing with the end of her braid. The woman in the green dress shakes her head, and watches the people carefully as she skirts around the edge of the square. "Why am I the only person my age who doesn't want to be connected to a virtual world all the time?" An older man in a black suite with a black top hat and gray hair who is also skirting the square tips his hat to her. "Not often I see a pretty young thing these days. Most..." He waves his hat toward the people with their shaved heads and uniformly off-white clothing. She laughs nervously, "Yeah, the contacts and the chip hardware gave me severe migraines, so I had to have the interfaces removed." "Well, at least you are a bit of color in a dull world." A young man stumbles, almost running into her, and his sleek gray, almost human shaped robot grabs his hand and catches him, guiding him away from her. "I've heard," the old man says, "that even the robots look like fellow humans to them." The woman nods, "Yeah, I remember them looking like humans. From before." "Well, young lady, I hope to see you again. It's a rare treat to talk to someone these days, but my wife is expecting me to be buying groceries for dinner tonight." She smiles, the man seems genuinely kind. "Thank you, and I hope to see you around also," she calls as the man waves and continues off on his mission. Her parents moved here recently, hoping to make it easier for her. Truthfully, it would probably be easiest to just leave any city environment and go to a farm. Then she wouldn't have to deal with all the virtuals. She is almost to the turn for her street off the main square when she hears the first cry of "Ghoster!" A multitude of voices take up the cry, and near the middle of the square she can see a guy, his long, floppy blond hair and wild tie die shirt and jeans marking him as different. He is probably close to her age, and purposefully breaking the law by knocking into virtuals. "Hear my cry!" He shouts to those that he has pulled from the virtual world. "Come back to this world. See the beauty of the space around you. Enjoy what you have." The guy is going to get himself arrested! She runs toward him, dodging virtuals who haven't noticed the commotion. The awoken ones stare at her as she darts forward, obviously shocked to see a second ghoster in the same day as they were forced to look at reality by a crazy man. She grabs the guy’s hand and takes off toward the edge dragging him along behind her. "Hey, stop. I'm on a mission to awaken people." She brushes past people, and all around her she can hear the angry exclamations of the awakening. He is probably also purposefully knocking into them. "Let go! We have to get them to leave the virtual. They have to wake up." She pulls him until they are in the ghoster zone, the safe area for those without the implants. "You idiot!" She yells at him, and he stops talking, staring at her. Brown eyes just looking at her, taking in that she is standing in front of him. "Hey, you dress like a ghoster! Didn't know any virtuals dressed like that these days." He is still looking at her, as if he can't quite identify what she is. "You idiot!" She yells again, but no one else notices. "You can get arrested for trespassing in virtual territory." "I know that, but why do you care? Most virtuals just continue on in their self-absorbed lives after being bumped." "I..." He is staring at her so intently, and he still seems to think she is a virtual. She pulls at the end of her braid hanging over her left shoulder. "I'm not a virtual!" she yells at him. She hasn't interacted with people her age outside her family in a while, and the way the guys is intently staring at her makes her fidget and look away. She can look anywhere except at the unique ghoster standing in front of her. "Really? A pretty girl like you is a ghoster? What are you doing hanging out in the loser's world?" He grabs her shoulders, and she looks back up at him, the joy in his face terrifies her. "Yeah, I..." "I've found you!" He shouts, not listening to her. "I can't believe it, another person who recognizes the truth. The virtual world has turned us into no better than robots, and someone else has seen this truth!" "Ummm?" She tries to ask what is going on, but he continues. "I thought that when I left the office, when I left that place where we develop the worlds to control people, that I would never find someone else who would choose to take off the yoke of the virtual world, but you are here standing in front of me. A dark goddess to join me in dismantling this world's system and raining chaos on the ages!" She knows she is no such thing, but she can't bring herself to speak the truth. She can't fight the man's intensity, or his hard grip on her shoulders. "So, my fellow ghoster, what is your name?" He asks while pulling her along the small alleys designated for ghosters to travel on. "Umm, Kate." She whispers, not quite sure how to respond to the situation. "My name's Lee. I was a level 115 programmer for Spartan Core Systems world when I realized how the companies were using the system to control the populace." He pulls her to the side as a police robot drives by. "They are probably looking for me. They've been chasing me since I escaped. I programmed a malfunction into my own hardware so that I can get on and access the virtual worlds, but they cannot access me. I made myself a god power profile that allows me to access their internal code and systems and modify it." He's insane, she thinks listening to him babble on. "You have no hardware at all, right Kate?" "Uh, no." "Why is that, by the way?" She blinks a couple times as she can't figure out the flow of the conversation. "Uh, well, my body can't accept –" "It doesn't matter anyway." A black car door swings open, and she notices that they are standing next to a luxury line, self-driving, black Jaguar. He drags her into a roomy interior with leather seats all facing toward the center. A platform rises out of the center with a bottle of wine on it, and Lee pulls two glasses out from a hidden cabinet next to him. She can't help but feel like she's been kidnapped into some strange virtual game. He pours wine into the glasses, and places the bottle back on the platform. He holds out the glass toward her, but she hesitates to take it. "Don't worry, I wouldn't poison my helper. I need you on this mission." She takes the glass, looking out the window to notice the city flashing by. "I, uhh –" "I haven't explained yet have I!?" He makes as if to jump up, but hits his head on the ceiling and sits back down with a slightly stunned look. "I forgot my surroundings again. I get so disoriented sometimes. I'm sorry. Please, excuse my poor behavior. So, Kate, you are the kingpin of my mission to take down the virtual worlds." "I, but –" "Don't worry. I will be in the system making sure that even devices looking for physical presences can't see you. I can't go in because I'm not a real ghoster. I actually have hardware in me. The devices would notice my hardware even if I hacked into them it would still leave a trace. The beauty of you, a true ghoster, is that you can get in without worrying about that. Because the hacker won't be the one going through the building, and the one going through will have zero hardware, the building's security won't see you at all." She listens to the mad man rambling, wondering how she got into this situation. A moment ago, she was walking in a residential virtuals hangout area, on her way home. And now, she is in the car of some rich insane man who apparently wants her to help destroy the world. "What if I say no?" She asks. He stops talking; staring at her like she grew another head. "Well Kate, that would be a bad idea." "Why? Why can I not say no?" He leans back and laughs. "You think you saved me today, but I was waiting for you. I often try to break through to the people, but I've been waiting for you, watching for you. I wanted to see what you would think of my attempts to enlighten the people, and you were beautiful, running in to rescue me with that long ghoster hair of yours caught by the wind looking like you stepped out of the virtual world in a dash of color and beauty." "So you've been stalking me?" "Kate, I've been searching for someone like you for over a year now. A person who has absolutely no hardware. I accessed all the city scanners, searching for the right person. A full, true ghoster. A person only physical security cameras would pick up. And then I saw you, unseen by city surveillance because you have zero hardware. Only my own physical cameras could catch you. You are a gem Kate! Of course I need you for my plan. You will turn this world on edge!" "What if I don't want to? What if I wish I could just go into the virtual world with everyone else?" "But you can't can you, Kate? You are stuck on this plane of existence by yourself. Don't you desire company here? Don't you wish that more people would at least come out of the virtual world when they are walking around? Don't you wish people could see you?" People, able to see her. Not having to worry about people running into her... It sounds like a dream world. But could she accept that at the cost of destroying the virtual world for everyone? He sighed. "Ahh, I was hoping to convince you with words alone, but I guess you need more motivation to help me." He held up an image of her mother staring blankly at a wall. "I've trapped all your family in the virtual world. All of them are being held in total darkness, unable to see, move, hear, smell, or touch. They won't be released until the servers are destroyed." "WHY!? Why do you want to destroy the virtual world?" A little wine spills out of her glass as she swings her hands in dismay, but she doesn't notice. "Why? Because I am tired of it. I am tired of watching people follow blindly like sheep wherever the corporation tells them to go. I'm tired of being a person working in a society where most people don't really hold much of a real job anymore. I want to shake up this world." She stares at the wine glass in her left hand, the wine twirling around in it. She lifts it up, and takes a sip, making a slight face as she downs the sip. "Don't the virtual worlds have backup servers and servers across the globe?" He gives a half laugh that sounds closer to a gasp of air. "Oh yes. We aren't the only ones in this mission. The others have had their ghoster ready for months. After I saw you, I told them about you, but I decided not to grab you until the last minute. I hope you enjoyed the extra time I gave you with your family." This man is past just slightly crazy. She is certain that he is fully insane. She takes another sip of the wine. It leaves her mouth feeling drier than before she took the sip. "So, what is my role in this?" He smiles, the corners of his mouth lifting his cheeks up into his eyes, and giving him a maniacal insane look to match his personality. "You, Kate, are going to blow up the servers. I will give you the explosives to carry in and place, and once you are out, I will blow them up." "How am I supposed to know where to place your bombs?" She asks, staring straight ahead, out the window opposite of her. Her face is devoid of crinkles or even the slight movements that show emotion. "I drew you a map. I even marked where to place the explosives. You can read a map, right?" She nods. She has to do this, to free her family. The vehicle slides up to walkway and the door opens. She takes the map and the bag of explosives Lee is holding out, places her glass of wine on the center platform, and steps out of the car. The front door swings open, and she walks through. There is no one in the hall as she walks in, and no alarms go off. She follows the path marked on the map, and every door she comes to is open, waiting for her. She places the explosives where the map tells her to, and then she calmly walks back out of the building, walks back to the waiting jaguar, and picks up her glass of wine, dropping the bag and map onto the floor. "Everything's in place." He smiles and as the car drives away, she can hear the distant booming echo of explosives going off. She wonders, are the servers all offline now?
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    (Warning: Some parts are mildly graphic about sickness and may be disturbing for those of the week stomach. Do not read if you have a weak stomach! I warned you!) Food Poisoning
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    Reminds me of a logic puzzle (spruced up a bit for rule of cool): In the middle of the River Lethe lies the Island of Silence, where a number of the souls of dead thinkers and philosophers wander. All wish to move on, but the only way to cross the waters is by Charon's Ferry, and he will only accept those whom can tell him this one truth: what is the color of their own eyes? There is but one chance to present the answer at a set time each day, and guessing is not permitted; one must be able to prove one's eye color with logic. The island's curse renders the inhabitants unable to communicate with each other, while there are no mirrors and the inky waters of the Lethe reflect only oblivion. Thus they were trapped eternally. Then one day, Orpheus passed by the island on his journey to revive his dead wife, and with his great voice was able to assuage the guardians enough to share a single fact with the islanders: "At least one among you posseseth Blue Eyes." If among the multitude there are 100 individuals with blue eyes, how many can leave, and how many days after the revelation?
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    they are sooo cute! I love Ocelot ! ❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️❤️
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    i'm yumemiro. i like cats, pizza, and dank memes. my hobbies are petting cats, eating pizza, and inhaling memes. making terrible intros are my specialty. nice to meet u all. 👌(´< ͜ ` )
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    Awww it's nice to hear that you enjoy it, Peach! (can I call you that?) A bit of spoiler: there's a new character appearing soon~ very soon
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    Well I've been awarded the laziest person alive-- in my home, that is. *cheers for being lazy fellows* I don't really speak that much verbally though, except in writing lol Thanks for the offer, but I can't for the time being :(( And I'm not that much fluent in Chinese yet. Maybe later~ A female from so-many-islands-how-the-hell-people-count-those country, aka Indonesia. What about you? Yeah, I'll enjoy my stay here, though I won't look good with programming, because I'M ALREADY LOOKING GOOD Also, thank you for your rudeness. Hope we get (into fight) along well-- jk. Or maybe not. Yeah, I am~ THANK YOU BROH .... *goes hiding in the corner* Well... I'll post it... later. Because, uh, I kinda nervous to show my hideous writing.... Thank you!! *hugs* Can I have a tea and some snack, please? And a movie, maybe? Sofa with lots of plushies and pillows too-- Okay~ I'll be sure to poke them (in the eyes) sometimes...
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    Halo, my name is Kimeru and I believe I have the most nickname out of all staff in LOL Scanlation (Kim, Kimmy, Kime, Meru(?), Ruru, Kimberly, Kim Jong Un, Kim Kardashian =.=). I am a member of LOLScans since Jan/Feb 2016, started out as a newbie, innocent typesetter but then because I'm a very productive NEET, I lay my hands on other positions too, so as consequence now I'm basically... a super saiyan. Means all-around staff, if you don't get what I mean... Oh! I'm one of the admins too, so... be nice~ Currently I'm one of the team of Alice Royale, Falls In Love Too Late, Horoscope Cafe, Marginal Operation, Nano List, Prince of Prince, Yomawari-sensei, Nobunaga no Chef, and Youkai no Ouisha-san. I enjoy working on all of them, so I hope you'll enjoy it too! Being a part of LOLScans is such a bless! One of the best things that happened in my life! This group has been brighten up my dim-lit life... I thank you all for that <3 My side job apart from this is a freelance pianist/violinist, knitter, and cook/baker. I like J-Rock (visual kei and all of dem bizarre stuff), K-Pop, Bossanova, Jazz, Metal... just throw me any music and there's a possibility that I might enjoy it! I'm a member of Raw Crossing Scans too, just sayin' Then, cherio~ I want ice cream.
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    ah!! superfruit!! it's been a long time not watching them... yeah, they're so talented. and also funny! ----- Well, I mostly like music-related channels, and I can't choose only one, so... EDM - https://www.youtube.com/user/MrSuicideSheep - https://www.youtube.com/user/TastyNetwork Anime Soundtrack (orchestra-ish) - https://www.youtube.com/user/Qonell - https://www.youtube.com/user/MarK1Ira And a little science (+ animation): - https://www.youtube.com/user/AsapSCIENCE - https://www.youtube.com/user/Kurzgesagt
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    Ooo! A handwriting thread! Super interesting ^^
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    Accept my proposal!!!
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    Are you ready for the ugliest handwriting of the universe? Japanese: I am Kimeru. Indonesian (in cursive): It's been a long time since I've written something, I'm so sorry... so I ugly I can't look at it. I swear... my handwriting when I was in school is so much better than this. That was my pride T^T I lost it now
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    WHAT??????? That's what Fish & Chips look like? I eat that like a normal dinner!! I thought it was in fish form and not like that. whaaaaat????? Not even joking, after canned tuna, it's the only type of cooked fish that I'm OK with. Hm... grilled cat-fish it's alright too. Some of my typical pastry. You can't enter a café without this being there. Pastéis de Belém or Pastéis de Nata.
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    I'd like to do more Asian cuisine but I have little time to cook at the moment so it's mainly things I can fry. But how about I post something different here? You can't go wrong with Fish & Chips Oh my. That image is a bit big. Also chocolade kruidnoten - best thing about NL. Don't mention black Pete.
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    Typing your username challenge randomness see... we're just a normal bunch of people... not sure about gangd0ge though...
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    I hope you enjoy looking at this art even though it didn't really fits the theme! Hope you enjoy!
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