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    Hello to all LOLstaff prospects! Before you apply you need to know a few information. 1. We are a group of volunteers, we don't do scanlation for money and we will keep it that way. No salary, it's not an online job. So, if you're applying because of such thoughts, even though as much as we want you to apply... I would highly suggest that you don't. 2. After getting in-terms with #1 and would still want to apply and join the fun of scanlation... please, make sure that you have an ftp client (Filezilla, FireFTP, WinSCP; there's a guide on how to use these clients in our staff forum, you'll gain complete access after becoming full staff. ) So that you can get access to "behind-the-scenes" of our projects. 3. To take the test, go to the specified sub-forum application position you wish to apply for. There, you'll see a download link for you, containing the test which is in .rar or .zip so make sure you can unzip .rar or .zip 4. After finishing the test, please e-mail it to [email protected] with the following title format: Username_[Position]_Country/Timezone ex: Marzia_QC_GMT+00 ; Marzia_QC_Antartica 5. Please be willing to join our group in discord: https://discord.me/lolscans or https://discord.gg/cQSS3hn 6. We have just migrated to discord and will be using it as our platform of communication! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Information: For Translators, Proofreaders, Cleaners, and Typesetters... experience is not required. We also welcome those who want to help even though it's their first time and have no clue about scanlation, we will be more than willing to teach and guide you! But first, please try the test provided, just indicate in your mail that you're applying as "Apprentice" so we can asses your situation. Q: How to apply if you're an experienced scanlator and do not wish to take the test? A: All you have to do is e-mail us with links to projects you've worked with and a download link of one chapter (the chapter should be a released chapter, we do not wish to get any issues with other groups.) Or you can post those links in the specified sub-forum application position. Q: Who is excluded? A: Those who wish to apply for the Quality Checker position *Quality Checkers applicants, if you wish to apply for the position you'll have to take the tests from Proofreader-Cleaner-Typesetter; so you'll be attaching 3 separate tests in the e-mail application. *Note: After sending your application, please take note that it will take us 3 days at max to respond to you, so please be patient.. however, if after those days you still haven't gotten a response from us, please make a post in the thread of the position you are applying for. And lastly, our group is aiming for weekly releases as much as possible, but we will never release low-quality scans. With all that said, happy-application and good luck!
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    I have 2 types of handwriting: (don't mind my bio final review)
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    Yo, it's me. I've only been doing this for about a year, I started as a humble PR with MIA and finished it just recently. You may also have seen me around advertising new features in the reader - that's just me feeding my ego. I go around a few other projects filling in when a PR isn't there, well, you might've noticed if you didn't skip through the credits (It's okay, I do that too) What else? Oh yeah, if you want to apply as a PR or a French TL then I'll be your gatekeeper and mentor (sometimes... if I remember). I also do some behind the scenes work here. "What's that?" I hear you ask, well, if I told you that, it wouldn't be behind the scenes anymore. You may not see me around as often as you might've done in the past. I'm back at uni now, working in VR. Doing cool stuff. That being said, I will stay true to the cause and you can definitely expect to see a lot more Dawn Traveller. Hobbies? This. Videogames. Programming. Pop-culture.
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    Hi from a deep hellhole. I'm just your ordinary procrastinator, who takes peace in dillydallying, sleeping, and eating. Shockingly, I also have other hobbies: reading, writing fiction, and listening to music. Once in a full moon, I don't change into werewolf, but I learn language(s). Generally speaking, I don't have much preference. - Food? As long as it can be eaten by most human, it's fine. - Books? Anything is fine, except horror or something toooooo gory. Same with movies. - Music? Please don't give me hard metal (or any metal). - Places? Providing it has: internet, electricity, and a place to sleep on (table/sofa/chair/bed). So. Yeah. Nice to meet you.
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    I really like to draw but sadly, I haven't improved much due to lack of time and motivation. Here are some examples of drawings I've made a few months ago:
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    I write differently depending on the pen I use, and if I use it more often I get better with that and find it hard to go back to other pens again. I normally use a ball-point but this sample is a fountain. I have 2 styles: Fast and normal. Take a look.
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    Trial 1: bn holpnnu78t5sauu8 Trial 2: bonju8tzauu ...there's always room for improvement.
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    How to get a staff member to take on missing positions.... The day I got a typesetter for POP:
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    Title: Marginal OperationAuthor: Shibamura YuriArtist: Kimura DaisukeGenres: Action, Drama, Seinen, TragedySummary:A 30 years old Japanese NEET joins a PMC in the middle east and becomes the handler of some soldiers.adapted from the novel series of the same nameReleases:Volume02Chapter007: ReleasedVolume02Chapter008: ReleasedVolume02Chapter009: ReleasedVolume02Chapter010: ReleasedVolume02Chapter011: Released Volume03Chapter012: Released Volume03Chapter013: ReleasedVolume03Chapter014: ReleasedVolume03Chapter015: ReleasedVolume03Chapter016: Released Volume03Chapter017: Released Volume04Chapter018: Released Volume04Chapter019: Released Volume04Chapter020: Released Volume04Chapter021: Released Volume04Chapter022: Released Volume04Chapter023: Released
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    I am a huge fan at seeing how other people write So share yours! Whether it be pen on paper, digitally, English or your native language~ "Hope to see some great penmanship~" Messy4days
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    Well I've been awarded the laziest person alive-- in my home, that is. *cheers for being lazy fellows* I don't really speak that much verbally though, except in writing lol Thanks for the offer, but I can't for the time being :(( And I'm not that much fluent in Chinese yet. Maybe later~ A female from so-many-islands-how-the-hell-people-count-those country, aka Indonesia. What about you? Yeah, I'll enjoy my stay here, though I won't look good with programming, because I'M ALREADY LOOKING GOOD Also, thank you for your rudeness. Hope we get (into fight) along well-- jk. Or maybe not. Yeah, I am~ THANK YOU BROH .... *goes hiding in the corner* Well... I'll post it... later. Because, uh, I kinda nervous to show my hideous writing.... Thank you!! *hugs* Can I have a tea and some snack, please? And a movie, maybe? Sofa with lots of plushies and pillows too-- Okay~ I'll be sure to poke them (in the eyes) sometimes...
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    Halo, my name is Kimeru and I believe I have the most nickname out of all staff in LOL Scanlation (Kim, Kimmy, Kime, Meru(?), Ruru, Kimberly, Kim Jong Un, Kim Kardashian =.=). I am a member of LOLScans since Jan/Feb 2016, started out as a newbie, innocent typesetter but then because I'm a very productive NEET, I lay my hands on other positions too, so as consequence now I'm basically... a super saiyan. Means all-around staff, if you don't get what I mean... Oh! I'm one of the admins too, so... be nice~ Currently I'm one of the team of Alice Royale, Falls In Love Too Late, Horoscope Cafe, Marginal Operation, Nano List, Prince of Prince, Yomawari-sensei, Nobunaga no Chef, and Youkai no Ouisha-san. I enjoy working on all of them, so I hope you'll enjoy it too! Being a part of LOLScans is such a bless! One of the best things that happened in my life! This group has been brighten up my dim-lit life... I thank you all for that <3 My side job apart from this is a freelance pianist/violinist, knitter, and cook/baker. I like J-Rock (visual kei and all of dem bizarre stuff), K-Pop, Bossanova, Jazz, Metal... just throw me any music and there's a possibility that I might enjoy it! I'm a member of Raw Crossing Scans too, just sayin' Then, cherio~ I want ice cream.
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    Name's Kevin, just joined so I decided to check the forums and introduce myself. How is everybody? any good projects I should know about?
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    Ooo! A handwriting thread! Super interesting ^^
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    Are you ready for the ugliest handwriting of the universe? Japanese: I am Kimeru. Indonesian (in cursive): It's been a long time since I've written something, I'm so sorry... so I ugly I can't look at it. I swear... my handwriting when I was in school is so much better than this. That was my pride T^T I lost it now
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    WHAT??????? That's what Fish & Chips look like? I eat that like a normal dinner!! I thought it was in fish form and not like that. whaaaaat????? Not even joking, after canned tuna, it's the only type of cooked fish that I'm OK with. Hm... grilled cat-fish it's alright too. Some of my typical pastry. You can't enter a café without this being there. Pastéis de Belém or Pastéis de Nata.
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    Think I'll have to go with BBQ. Can't go wrong with some good barbecued meat.
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    I'd like to do more Asian cuisine but I have little time to cook at the moment so it's mainly things I can fry. But how about I post something different here? You can't go wrong with Fish & Chips Oh my. That image is a bit big. Also chocolade kruidnoten - best thing about NL. Don't mention black Pete.
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    So yeah, I'm Dave. Not much special about me, I'm 19 and just enjoy reading Zipang which is why I hang around here. Oh and I enjoy topics such as Historical Materialism, Dialectics, and other such nerdy subjects.
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    mwahaha. Here's for the gluttony art contest. I hope you like it!
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    I hope you enjoy looking at this art even though it didn't really fits the theme! Hope you enjoy!