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    May your roads lead you to warm sands. Welcome.
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    There are a few questions you'll have to answer, please include it in your e-mail application. 1. Why would you like to join LOLScans? (Tell us a bit about yourself; the kind of mangas you are interested in, how you found our group, and if you're in another scanlation group.) 2. Will you be able to keep a weekly agenda? 3. Email us your test: lolscanlation[at]gmail.com Instructions: 1- Never change the resolution. if 350 is the resolution it should still be 350 after you clean or if 72 should still be 72... etc... 2- Duplicate the raw layer if you need to change it. 3- Never merge the layers. 4- Be sure to remove all the text including sfx. Send in your application at lolscanlation@gmail.com Take the test: