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    My handwriting differs every day. I dont exactly have a print. My print is a mix between cursive and the regular letters. This is my print This is my cursive. I tend to connect my i's and t's for both print and cursive.
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    I never knew this horrendous thread existed. Here's my contribution: Here's a small sad story from not so long ago of me, my light switch, and my carelessness and woe. This light switch was special in that it dangled from the ceiling A long fragile chain to be pulled only with careful feeling. For several careful years did this light switch thus perilously persist, Until one careless yank did tear the switch; now it desists. I stared in disbelief at the chain snapped there in my hand; my trusty partner I had slain its spirit now beyond this land. Now I can't reach my light switch, it too high and I too low. Failed me did that little bitch and left me on tiptoe.
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    I don't understand humans For I am no longer human This is just a song So don't throw away your taunts Watch your mouth kid For I will throw a fit Getting to know their shit I don't understand them a bit Wandering in the dark I saw something shine Oh wait, it's a question mark I ate it to make it mine This is the way my song ends This is the way I form friends Not with a human But a reflection of one. PS - Needs more crippling depression