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  2. Janowicz

    Former Hero Discussions Thread

    Former Hero is a Korean light novel, written by Ophion on Munpia. I'm not sure what it's about yet, except there's a hero and there are demons. Link to the original: http://mm.munpia.com/?menu=novel&id=122393 Chapters released: 0- Read Online: https://forums.lolscans.com/book/b.php?p=Former_Hero Feel free to discuss the project in this thread.
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  4. Janowicz

    [URGENT] Open Positions

    Please read the other threads in this topic. They contain the details.
  5. casipher

    Usotoki Rhetoric

    link MU:https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=79523 Synopsis: A girl who could tell lies from truth, who suffered from this strange ability meets a strange detective. Last updated: 9 months ago Status raws: completed (10 volumes 50 chapters) Status Scanlated: Volume 6 26 chapters Raws: http://michexreadinglounge.blogspot.com/2019/01/miyako-ritsu-usotoki-rhetoric.html The series is set in the 20th century and I think this series is totally underrated. The characters are amazing and original without going overboard. The story is not cliche and overused, it keeps me hooked. The romance is very slow and still has not developed so I would like to see how the romance converses in the next 4 volumes. To be honest, I prefer slow romance. We can see how the characters interacted and how the main characters have so much chemistry with each other without feeling 'forced' like most shoujo. It is without a doubt a detective-manga but the mysteries are not too complex and easy to follow so it's good for someone who likes a light manga.
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  7. Title: Sky Crawlers - Innocent Aces Synopsis: After disappointment at being unable to find a real challenge in the skies and held back by her Rostock Corporation superiors, the cold and aloof Maumi Orishina (callsign: Kylie) defects to the rival Lautern Corporation in the hopes of getting a chance to fight Cheetah, the ace of aces and her former Rostock squad mate. Orishina butts heads initially with her new squad mates due to her aloof personality, but in time comes to learn their backgrounds and stories and who they are. And in the process she becomes a warmer and more secure person, learning that the humans on both sides of the war are not all that different from each other, each of them with their own personal fears, hopes, and dreams, herself included. Based on a part of the Nintendo Wii video game of the same name and is the prequel to the Hiroshi Mori's novel series on the Sky Crawlers and the movie The Sky Crawlers directed by Mamoru Oshii. Genres: Seinen (although mangaupdates says shonen, idk how, it's not shonen), action, aviation/aircraft/pilots, drama, alternate history, comedy (mainly in vol.1, vol. 2 seems pretty serious). https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=36167 There are only two short volumes in this series, each with 6 chapters. They were completed in 2008 and have never been translated or scanlated. I bought the manga raws myself but I can only understand so much in Japanese lol. I would provide the raws if you all give this a go. Thank you for the consideration!
  8. Kathordox1

    [URGENT] Open Positions

    I would like to apply as a proofreader how can I help?
  9. surge


    Okamii,it sounds like you have some special plans for Wassim...
  10. OKamii


    Hello there, welcome aboard the boat to reverie! May you never leave...
  11. surge


    Welcome Wassim. It will be a pleasure to have you.
  12. Phoenix

    #000000 - Ultra Black

    Title: #000000 - Ultra Black Summary: Raised in an orphanage nearly all his life, Sanetora has been provided for anonymously for as long as he could remember. When his mysterious benefactor offers to foster him, he is more than thrilled — it's like a dream come true! The person waiting for him at his would-be new home however, is a young man with a sharp tongue and a very quick temper! Kanae, Sanetora's foster father, is a businessman who runs a company, and is not without an ulterior motive: Sanetora suddenly finds himself employed! As if that wasn't perplexing enough, it turns out the company is no ordinary company — it deals with strange objects that can turn their owners into freaks of nature!? Genres: Action, Comedy, Josei, Mystery, Supernatural Type: Manga (Japanese raws) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=16200 I have the raws for it. It's completed with a total of 7 volumes. The previous group dropped it 3 years ago after doing the first four chapters only. Thanks!
  13. FormerHero2.PSD
  14. FormerHero3.psd
  15. FormerHeroWIP.psd
  16. This project is back!
  17. And there's nothing you can do to stop me. Basically I wanted to show that you can do it in whatever style you want, but it would be nice if it was drawn like a manga. Anyway, since I can't draw, here's a non-drawn entry. FormerHeroWIP.psd
  18. Janowicz

    Proofreader Application

  19. NibbPower

    Proofreader Application

    @Marzia the link that says to click to read how to apply is incorrect. It leads back to this thread. It doesn't redirect to the tutorial on how to apply.
  20. This is what you're getting if no one else enters, so please, help us FormerHeroWIP.psd
  21. Wassim


    Hello everyone My name is Wassim and I'm 16 year old. I live in Belgium and I love anime, I like mangas aswell, but I've read only 2 in my entire life. I applied to become a French translator, because why not ? English is not my first language, but I like the fact that I can improve my English this way. I don't know what else to say except I hope I'll do my 'job' good as translator. See you
  22. Janowicz

    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    I'm not done with Zipang yet, despite what you might think; 122 released
  23. Information: This banner contest is for our new light novel project: Former Hero. Should you win this contest, your banner will feature on our reader (in the new releases section, and when you hover over a project's name on the main page) and on our homepage - which means that it will be the thumbnail on all of our releases for Former Hero, so it will end up wherever our project is shared (discord, reddit, etc.) Rules / Requirements: You must submit as a PSD and be willing for us to edit it, if we see fit It must be 250 pixels high, and 760 pixels wide It must have a 3 pixel border around the whole thing, which must be either black or white It ought to feature your art for what a "Former Hero" may look like (can be original or GFX) It must feature the text: Former Hero prominently You must submit your entry as a separate thread / topic to this subforum When you create a thread you must follow this title format: USERNAME #1 Banner Contest Entry (ex: Marzia #1 Banner Contest Entry) and as a content, you must post/attach the image (you may use the bbcode for image, or do an image paste if using chrome) and give us a link to your .psd [mediafire, dropbox, googledrive, etc (as long as it contains no virus)] Submission Deadline: The 4th of June 2019 at 23:59 BST I will be entering myself, so if there are no other entries, we have a back up. But come on guys, you can do better than me. If you have any questions, please them as a reply to this topic. It's Closed, Vote Now: https://www.strawpoll.me/18114887 You have 24 hours or until the poll is destroyed.
  24. Chapter 32 released!
  25. Zaphod


    hello and hope you enjoy your time here!
  26. Title: Junkissa Neko (Coffee and Cat) Summary: [From MU] After failing his college exam, Nishikori Kon took his pet cat and fled. He ended up going from Kyoto to Mount Hakodate in Hokkaido. At his wits end, he was picked up by a young man named Tachikawa Ayakane, who hired him on the spot to work at his and his brothers' café (though his older brother hates the word 'café') "Coffee & Cat." It turns out Ayakane was so impressed with Kon's pet cat's appearance that he wanted him to get the unkempt 5 cats of the establishment in order. Now Kon serves all the cats, but he has a secret the brothers don't know. Kon can actually see cats as human beings and understand their speech! Kon and his pet cat's new lifestyle is just beginning! Genres: Supernatural, Seinen, Comedy, Slice of Life Type: Manga (Japanese raws) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=82698 I have the raws for it till volume 6. MU page says it's still ongoing. I can work on it too. Thanks!
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