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  2. Kyutie

    Coloured Cleaners

    Is this still available?
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  4. Spankle

    Hello All

    Username: Spankle (on discord and trello as well) Nickname: Sponkle or (in rare cases) Spunkle A little about yourself: Trial/apprentice PR. Looking to make it official soon. From Texas, USA. Feel free to contact me in Spanish or German if you're more comfortable in those languages.
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  6. Phoenix

    Prince of Prince : Reader and Downloads

    Chapter 31 released!
  7. Yass!!!! Thank you!
  8. Janowicz

    Love Revolution | Reader and Download Links

    52 Released! I'm back in action
  9. Luis10

    Music ♫

    I don´t have specific favorite songs. I focus more on music types. I love latin music, rock, etc. Recently, when i got a music app from top1apk i start listening to latin music again. Santana is a legend. I love Smooth it´s not a Spanish song but the melody is definitely latin. ANd, i love La flaca.
  10. The first 6 chapters were worked on by another group, not LOLScans. As for why you can't open the file, it's not password protected, perhaps the download partially failed - try downloading it again and see if that fixes it, alternatively, you can read it online: https://forums.lolscans.com/book/p.php?c=Ch22&p=Marginal_Operation.
  11. Why are not the first six chapter? And I can not open the rar file of chapter 22 ... maybe I need a password Anyway thanks for the other chapters
  12. Dr. Sun


    Welcome Regnumaz To ask us anything directly, please join our Discord.
  13. Regnumaz


    Hi guys, i'm Davide and i'm italian. well, i'm here because i was looking for the translation of the manga Marginal Operation, I hope that LOLScans will not drop it. If i will found the time from the study, i will read the others manga Thank you very much for your work
  14. Janowicz

    Zipang Chapter Discussion

    Yay, thanks. I wish I could release more but I'm super busy right now with real life
  15. Mi-chan

    Lyric Game

    With all the strength of a raging fire (I'll make a man out of you - Donny Osmond)
  16. Mi-chan

    evil genie game

    Granted, but you use it so much you start to lose yourself until you slowly succumb to madness and develop a multi-personality disorder. Your body, being unable to adapt to all those quick changes, slowly deteriorate. My wish: Telekinesis
  17. NibbPower

    Hello. I'm new

    Welcome to LOL, Oliver~ What's your favorite manga from this group?
  18. HannahKim

    Hello. I'm new

    Hi Oliver! Welcome to LOLscans~
  19. Hello everybody. my name is Oliver and this is my first time i am trying something like this, but i hope i can learn and help as much as needed.
  20. solipsism

    Zipang Chapter Discussion

    Just wanted to register and tell you guys you are the fucking bomb for continuing to translate this manga. I can't believe gold like Zipang is basically unheard of.
  21. Marzia

    Nobunaga no Chef : Reader and Downloads

    chapter 91 is now up!
  22. OKamii

    One Letter at a Time

  23. OKamii

    Ending letter game!

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