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  2. Is chapter 50 the official last chapter of this story? or just the last of season 1/last your translating??
  3. This is an excelent manga and different from the gazzilions others that are released nowadays. Please, pick this project again. It's worth it.
  4. Earlier
  5. we were short of a translator for a little while, we have one now
  6. What happened with the release of this series? Seems to have stopped after 137
  7. Hello and thanks for your interest! Please complete the translation test here: https://forum.lolscans.com/index.php?/topic/36-bahasa-indonesia-translator-application/ We look forward to working with you.
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    [URGENT] Open Positions

    Hello, I have some free time and I would like to help. I am fluent in indo-bahasa and a little bit of english. I am new in this kind of job so I think you could help me and I am still a senior high school student.
  9. Thanks for lettings us know, it should be fixed now
  10. Guest

    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    Hello, Ch 131 is only 700KB in the DL folder. I think the file is corrupt or something. Can you please fix it? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I presume you were the one who applied. We've sent a reply.
  12. Hello everybody, this is my first time joining a forum, pleased to be with you I've been a big fan of mangas and video games for many years. I've read many genres, but my favorites mangas are GTO, Slam Dunk and Berserk, and I mostly play FPS but not exclusively. I had a period where I was eating anime every day like crazy, but since a few years, it seems that there is no new title that really catch my eyes, so I haven't seen any new ones for a while. I mostly join this forum after reading Marginal Operation, whitch I really enjoy. But it seems it's not a project that is active right now, sadly. I also join because I read that you would be welling to teach new recruit! I would be happy to help you, even thought I have 0 experiences, I got lots of times to spare with the pandemic. Where should I go to help, if you still need some? English is not my mother thongue, sorry if my English is broken. Happy to be a part of the community
  13. PLz dont forget about this series! Love and appreciate all your hard work on it
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    LR : Chapter Discussion

    Oh no, why 😔 It was about to get a drama adaptation, and many international readers wants to read it. Please reconsider. ㅠㅠ Thank you anyways for your hardwork! 👍
  15. It's starting to look like we're putting this on hiatus
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    LR : Chapter Discussion

    Please continue translating LR :(( Thank you
  17. Thank you, Oka!~ 😍🤤
  18. bonsoir, hope you enjoy your stay~
  19. Hello. My name is Ella. I like to join LOLScans because I want to help you guys and gain experience. I'm inexperience but I'm willing to learn more about typesetters. I've never been in a scanlation groups If I'm lucky, this is my first time that I've join and I usually read yaoi manga and while reading, I found out that most of the scanlations group are in dire need of staffs. I want to help so I research which scanlations group is recruiting and I found this group. I took the test and was sent to your email.
  20. Hello! I`m new here! I`m pleased to meet all of you guys.
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    LR : Chapter Discussion

    So when will the next chapter be released?
  22. Guest

    LR : Chapter Discussion

    Is LT going to be released soon? Is is on a hiatus since its been about 6-8 months when it was last updated. If so, please tell me when it will update soon! I really love this comic and it be really great if you can still complete it! Thank you
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