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    MO: Chapter Discussion

    Just found lolscans and gotta say thanks for translating the first bit of it Much Appreciated i would like to ask what volume you guys stoped on and im going to buy the next lot if you could let me know would be grate I cant seem to find out from my googling efforts j novel has it under wraps but no point me paying for stuff i read with a sub to them to find out so ill buy the paper back if i can
  3. I only read funny quotes about work, If you are also looking for funny work quotes then click to read more.
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  5. It's on hiatus for now.
  6. Yes, it got licenced in English.
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    is it a boy or a girl
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    Tenjin [Chapter Discussion]

    Is this project cancelled?😢
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    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    Thanks! You people the best
  10. Thank you so much for all your hardwork. I hope you'll continue to release the Nobunaga no Chef scanlation again when the time permits Have a great day.
  11. I love to make Naruto tattoo Because I love Naruto Anime and Special the Itachi. AND What is Your Favorite Anime?
  12. You can read chapter 31 of FNTL on Nov. 8! It will be available online at around 12:30pm, New York time! Enjoy your lunch with this new chapter by then! ❤️
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    Proofreader Application

    I am a native English speaker but can also do a little bit of French proofreading
  14. Hiatus until we get a new translator
  15. Is this project still active?
  16. Xref


    Hi there, I'm Xref and I'll will be the future french translator!! I'm in love with video games and I want to be a developer later( ꈍᴗꈍ) I also love animes, manga, manwha but I'm more the anime type. I usually watch shonen but dramatic love are good as well~~ Have a good day!
  17. chapter 25, scheduled release: October 5, 2019 (Noon; New York Time)
  18. Season 3 Chapter 67 (230) is now up~
  19. Fixed~ Season 3 Chapter 66 (229) is now up~
  20. @MarziaThe arrangement for the chapter number 228 isn't in order with chapter 229 228 is at the bottom of the list while 229 is at the top of the list.
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