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  2. surge

    Cat Lovers

    See a year has passed
  3. surge

    Typesetter Application

    Howdy pardner, you mentioned Yaoi, I see. No worries, I have never tried Yaoi myself, had some Shounen ai and they were good. WELCOME TO LOLSCANS *inserts firecracker and party poppers* Feel free to apply at - https://forum.lolscans.com/index.php?/forum/56-how-to-apply/
  4. surge

    New person

    Yes...You are always welcome to join Lolscans
  5. Yuu-Chan

    Typesetter Application

    Howdy, I'm Yuu-chan. I'm interested in every manga genre as long as it interesting. I also don't mind Yaoi if I said so myself. I'm apart with the Inverta Scans. Let me just say I'm a noob and I still don't know anything about typesetting. So I will applied to the translation one cause my head will break
  6. Janowicz

    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    Chapter 119.5 Released!
  7. Janowicz

    New person

    Well then, apply.
  8. Janowicz

    Love Revolution | Reader and Download Links

    51 Released. Maybe 1 hour late.
  9. Earlier
  10. zogot

    Hello People!

    ....RARR!....and....eep, squelch, crunch....sorry...snacktime.
  11. zogot

    Hello~ I'm new!

  12. zogot

    New person

    same here, looking forward to helping proofread if possible.
  13. zogot

    Is there anyone out there?

    no you are alone on a little spinning ball in an endless void...we are naught but figments of your mind..
  14. zogot

    Hiyo. ^-^

  15. surge

    Music ♫

    Nowadays, I usually listen to Bach or Schubert...Both are very soothing
  16. surge

    Ending letter game!

  17. surge

    Hiyo. ^-^

    Hello and Welcome to purgatory where souls are made to linger to eternity...😱
  18. Somebody save me for I am losing my mind

  19. alexthetrex

    Music ♫

    Gundam Unicorn OST 4 - 01. 1stMob.2009522or0311
  20. alexthetrex

    Ending letter game!

  21. surge

    Mayly's Art Dumps

    It's so good 🤩
  22. Mayly


    My handwriting differs every day. I dont exactly have a print. My print is a mix between cursive and the regular letters. This is my print This is my cursive. I tend to connect my i's and t's for both print and cursive.
  23. Mayly

    Mayly's Art Dumps

    I'll be posting more when i have a good amount. I usually post on Discord, once again, so look forward to seeing more updates there than over here. ^-^
  24. Janowicz

    Hiyo. ^-^

    First time for everything!
  25. Mayly

    Hiyo. ^-^

    Hi. I'm new here (obviously). This is my first time in a scans group and am willing to learn. I may not be active time to time because of school, so please forgive me. 😶 I'll try to be on here as much as I can. I'm more active on discord than I am on any of my other social media. So, reach me there. I am a self-taught artist and am still forever learning. (I also do karate) Thanks for having me here ^-^
  26. surge

    Crepuscule Chapter Discussion

    Ch 58 is up and running YEAHHHHH!!!!!!
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